Turkeys Can Fly

  • When:11/10/16
  • QIC: Bunker
  • The PAX: Hairball, Honeybee, Haggis, Poptart, Bratwurst, Turkey Leg, Outback, Van Pelt, Longhaul, Stone Cold, Tiger Rag, Frasier, Bunker

Turkeys Can Fly

This morning the crew of Devils Turn headed for the hills…Piper Glen hills that is.  The weather was cool this morning…a stark contrast to the muggy, humid, burning hot days of summer we grew accustomed to at DT.  The chill in the air was a nice break from the sweaty mess we usually are when we’re done.

The Thang

The main thang this morning was the Piper Glen route.  Hit the apartment loop for a warmup, then head up Rea to Old Course and through the rollings hills of PG.  A few of us started at 0445 for some extra miles (YHC and Frasier)….a few more of us started even earlier and got the coveted “night run” in on Strava (Both HBs…Hairball and HoneyBee).

Ye Olde Moleskine

YHC can’t say what happened with the night crew….I did that trek last week and could not be convinced to hit it again this Thursday.  I can tell you what happened on the 0445 warmup though…fast running.  Mental note…don’t let Frasier set the pace on a warmup.  We’re laying down 7:30s on a warmup and Frasier is chatting me up like we’re eating bagels at Coffeeteria after a workout.

Not too much mumblechatter today…the Pax got spread out and YHC got a little hurt so I missed a lot of talk.  Poptart started it off in stride by complaining why he showed up to a running workout when he doesn’t like to run.  It was his first post at DT so congrats….and yes we do run at DT. In fact, that’s all we do unless you count the pre-run bootcamp I put on for myself.  When he was finished he said it was the worst six miles of his life…i wasn’t sure if that was because he hates running so much, or because he ran the entire route with Outback.

We did find out Turkeys can fly….or at least their legs can.  Turkey Leg laid down 9+ miles in a low 7 min pace.  He was flying out there.  Haggis was right behind him grunting the whole way.  Hey..does anyone else think Haggis’ winter hat looks like a football helmet from the 1920s?  Also, apparently Haggis hates Honeybee and Hairball as he absolutely refused to say hello to them on the course. #allbusiness

Tiger Rag was his usual upbeat, chipper, and optimistic self.  Never any complaints or sarcasm from him.  #hurryupletsgetmovingdammit  #CARUP…ISAIDCARUPDAMMIT

A few of us settled into a nice pace…Van Pelt (thanks for showing up to DT), Bratwurst, Longhaul, Stone Cold, and YHC were doing a nice smooth 8 min pace.  Everyone was feeling good about themselves until Bratwurst started complaining about how tired his legs were and how sore he was….so he could ONLY run at this pace.  Thanks for the support brother.  Longhaul was a beast on the hills today…kept powering up them and ran away from us.

YHC couldn’t hang this morning….a sore foot from all the training forced me to slow it down and turn back early.  F3 brotherhood came through strong as everyone stopped to make sure I was ok….and then left me on the side of the road.  #ihaveabooboo

Thanks for the opportunity to lead this morning.


Christmas party – sign up (yes…we are having a party in case you hadn’t heard)

Operational Sweet Tooth – buy presents for kids…do it….after you sign up for the xmas party.

Long run this weekend on Saturday at 6am – McAlpine Greenway.  See Bratwurst for details.


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Cheese Curd
7 years ago

Ah how I don’t miss that route….however, I foresee a few more Devils Turn in my future.

That said, one more announcement: Smokey Mountain Relay April 21-22 http://smr.smokymountainrelay.com/ 206 miles/ we now have Thin Mint, Champagne, Flipper, YHC and a strong SC-Kirk. 9 man team at least, possibility to grow it to 10 or 12.

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