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  • QIC: Argonaut
  • The PAX: Rachel, DumpsterFire, Beaker, Squid, Commish (R), Heartbreaker, FNG, Tuck, Strawberry, FNG, Cheddar, Triple7 (R), Argonaut

✯✯✯ ÅΜ®ÅP ✯✯✯


It was absolutely beautiful weather this morning. Enough chill in the air to keep the sweat level down, but not so cold to make it painful to touch the asphalt for prolonged periods. Here’s what went down at the Maul today:

  • 0500 : YHC rolls up, along with Beaker, Heartbreaker, and Strawberry.
  • 0500 – 0525 : Pre-run, 2.8 miles-ish down B-commons, up the Murderhorn, around the shopping center and back to launch. Nice warm up, good 2nd F.
  • 05:30 : Main Event

The Thing

  • Mosey away from the cars to form a large circle.
  • Disclaimer given.
  • 25 SSH in cadence
  • 20 Low Slow Squat in cadence
  • 15 Merkin in cadence
  • 10 good mornings/windmill in cadence
  • Mosey up to elm and proceed toward B commons

  • big hill behind target
  • 10 hand-release merkins at the top
  • 10 deep jump squats at the bottom
  • Repeat for 6 min

  • 15 windshield wipers in cadence (better than a Q only demonstration)

  • 20 windshield wipers
  • run to end of row
  • 20 supermans
  • repeat for 6 minutes

  • Deconstructed Burpo’s (3 low, 3 high, 3 all together) (see Exicon)
  • Mosey to the fountain lot

  • 5 star jumps on each corner.
  • lateral, forward, lateral, backward running to get to each corner
  • Mosey back towards launch.
  • One AYG Sprint of roughly 120 meters. ALL YOU GOT, it’s only one sprint.

  • 50 LBC
  • 10 6-inch plankjack
  • 20 Flutter (reg then high)
  • 10 6-inch flutter
  • Protractor

YHC with a breathy, post-burpee takeout word.


Good to see some new faces out there this late in the year.

  • FNG (Rueben) Deadline
  • FNG (Chip) BoomBoom

Solid effort from all during the beatdown. As promised, it was a UvU-palooza out there today, a couple AMRAP efforts of relatively short duration with some recovery-ish activities and jogging in between. The AMRAP loops were short, so getting lapped by Rachel or Squid was a definite possibility (happened to me at least once). Tuck was there, crushed it, and brought an FNG from San Diego (Deadline). Well done. I’m sure we’ll see you back. Site Q duo of Cheddar and Commish were crushing it. Commish was really pushing himself during the windshield wipers; respect. Cheddar was really pushing it to get there by 530, another 2-wheeled arrival, may have only gotten the last 2 reps of windmill in the warm-up. Triple7 had another solid morning of outperformance with a small pre-run and a lengthy post-run (6 miles total) and a strong, consistent effort throughout the main event. Beaker, Heartbreaker and Strawberry showed no signs of slowing up after the pre-run. Strawberry’s effort was especially impressive given the 7 layers he was wearing for the pre-run (clothes, not bean dip). First time posting with Dumpsterfire I think, the dude is solid and was near the front of the pack all morning. BoomBoom stayed strong for the duration despite this being his first bootcamp in some time. He was a mortarman in the Army (thus the Boom); thank you for your service my friend.

‘Twas an honor to lead you this morning, looking forward to you all returning the favor soon. Q Schedules for multiple AOs are open early next year. Make plans to lead !

Argo Out.

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Cheese Curd
7 years ago

Strong runners out there….have you heard, One more announcement: Smokey Mountain Relay April 21-22 http://smr.smokymountainrelay.com/ 206 miles/ we now have Thin Mint, Champagne, Flipper, YHC and a strong SC-Kirk. 9 man team at least, possibility to grow it to 10 or 12.

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