This workout is a DRAG!

  • When:11/21/2015
  • QIC: The Hoff
  • The PAX: Deuce, Sony, Blue Crush, Slim Fast, Chum, Ikki Shuffle, Strawberry, Gullah, Spark Plug, Swiss Miss, Tough Skin, Daisy, Winter Place, Which Doctor

This workout is a DRAG!

16 Pax posted and Olympus welcomed some new faces today (some from Ascent and Mint Hill) who were looking for an unconventional Power Plus Cardio HIIT workout.  The focus of the routine was to Push, Pull or Drag a lot of HEAVY weight and at the end, we even pulled each other.  Here’s how it went down…

The Thang:

Warm Up: Hairburner Races – Partner up into 7 teams

– P1 pushes plate approx. 60 yards

– P2 performs 8 Count Body Builders until P1 returns

– Flapjack

– 3 Rounds, with each round the winning team doesn’t have to perform Burpees; losing 6 teams have to perfoom the number of Burpees (depending on what place they finished)


GEAR TIME: Partner up

– Form in to 2 groups; P1 joins group in Kettle Bell Circle and performs non-stop exercises until P2 finishes with Gear Station

– P2’s group line up to move HEAVY gear to cones and back

– Flapjack; Rinse and Repeat for 12 cycles

 Stations Included (cones approx 80 yards total; 40 yards to cone and back):

100 Lbs Fire Hose Drag

100 Lbs Chain Pull

125 Lbs Sled Pull

135 Lbs Sandbag Carry

135 Lbs Ollie Bar Carry

90 Lbs Kettle Bell

Inch Worm with Plate

 Kettle Bell Exercises Included:

KB Swing; Goblet Squat, High Pull, Snatch, 1 Hand Swings; KB Lunge; “Get ups with KB”; Overhead Press; etc.

TUG OF WAR: With 100 Lbs Fire Hose

– 3 Rounds

– Losing team penalized with 20 Burpees; Winning Team 10 Burpees

– T1 2 – T2 1


– LBC, FLutter, Russian Twists




Great efforts all around today.  Nothing worse in F3 than Hair Burners and Burpees, so we made sure to get our full dose today!  It was a pleasure meeting some of the new guys and hope to see you again.  It’s my son’s birthday party today, so can’t type more,  Sound off in Comments if you noticed something that is worth mentioning.

As always, it was an honor to lead the team today.


The Hoff



Witch Doctor’s Virgin Q at Olympus next week

Thursday Matthews Sports Complex – Form Teams

Jan. 9th Joe Davis Run

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8 years ago

Nice lead, Hoff! I’ve never worked out with so many torture devices before. Here is the link to the pictures I took:

High Tide
8 years ago

Looks like a good one, Hoff, as usual. With Deuce’s pics, I feel like I was there. But the lead off hairburner/burpee combo makes me glad I wasn’t! #mostloathedexercises

8 years ago

The pics of sparkplug in mid-spring and hoff bear crawling are awesome. I was feeling that one all day Sunday.

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