Survive the THRIVE–were you stung by the scorpions?

  • When:11/17/15
  • The PAX: Lamont, Hoodie, Glass Joe, Counter Top

Survive the THRIVE–were you stung by the scorpions?

COP with Disclaimer given- AND OFF TO THE RACES!
SSH x 20 —   5 merkins shoulder tap OYO
IW x 20 —     5 merkins shoulder tap OYO
LSS x 20 —   5 merkins shoulder tap OYO

mosey towards the pavilion
Rd 1:  15 decline scorpion merkins/15 Dips/15 donkey kicks
Rd 2:  10 decline wide scorpion merkins/10 Dips/ 10 donkey kicks
Rd 3:  5 decline diamond scorpion merkins/5 Dips/5 donkey kicks

mosey to the gate
Split group in 2
–P1 sprint to end and back while p2 does
bomb jacks x 100
low slow squats x 100

mosey to parking lot
7’s Burpees/LBC ladder (6 burpees–1 LBC)
start at the end of the parking lot, stopping at each street light
6 shuffle burpees- 1 lbc’s run to the tree
5 shuffle burpees=2 lbc’s run to the tree
4-3,3-4,2-5,6-1 and done

Plank for 6’s

Mosey to the side of the pavilion
Peoples chair with each PAX giving a 10 count

Indian Run to steps to parking lot and around the building back to the center

Russian twists with stones  x 25

“Hands of Time”
PAX –heads towards the center feet out in a large COP

Finish out with some
Dying Cockroaches x 15
Pretzel Crunches x 15

Not much mumble chatter this morning as the PAX were focused and ready to push the boundaries. Lamont continues to increase the speed and push some of us younger guys! Hoodie thought he was early enough to drop his LIFO tag but no more PAX showed up and alas he keeps the title for another week. Glad to have you there Hoodie.Glass Joe and Counter Top  were not liking the Scorpion versions of the merkins but they seemed to deal with it better than the Scorpion Dry docks last week.

We were missing some regulars this week, hope to see you all back next tuesday!


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Drop Thrill
8 years ago

I was planning to come to this but my first night with my CPAP machine wasn’t any fun and I was exhausted.

Hopefully tonight will be better, I think I’ve figured out something that will help.

Glass Joe
8 years ago

There was some chatter about me wanting to make the Indian Run at more of a FastTwitch pace. There was some general unhappiness. CT went running off by himself during the burpee/lbc/running drill. We probably should have just let him go to see how long it would take him to notice he was by himself. Or he may have just basked in the glory of being out front to not notice for a while. #opportunitymissed

Good Q! Scorpions suck.

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