Camel Kabobs

  • When:11/18/15
  • QIC: Snowflake
  • The PAX: Bratwurst, Honey Bee, Grease Monkey, Short Circuit, Doc McStuffins, Enron, Snowflake

Camel Kabobs

7 Camel slayers posted, and tore the hump right off Dromedary. It looked like Luke Skywalker in that blizzard scene. Went something like this:

SSH x 25
Squat x 20
Merkin x 15

Ring of Fire
Run a lap, followed by 10 Squat, 10 Merkin, 10 LBC.
Rinse and Repeat 3 more times with varying Leg, Pusharama, Mary circuits.

Up to Cafeteria benches. Box Jumps, Dips and Derkins. 15 each x 2.
People’s Chair until all finish, then stay seated for 20 Air Presses.

Back down to field. Partner up.
1 does LBCs at side of field while 2 runs to far side, completes 20 CDD, and runs back. Flapjack.
Rinse and Repeat w 15 Squats/Freddie Mercury, 10 Burpees/Russian Twist, 10 Diamonds/Flutter.
Half lap to base of hill, Bear Crawl up.
Mosey across watching for buses.
Bear Crawl down steps, Plank for 6.

Inchworm to crosswalk; Start in Plank, feet move towards hands with straight legs, then hands walk forward, Merkin, Repeat til done.
Lunge Walk to next speed bump, Backwards lunge to next speed bump.
Mosey back. Stop for audible Partner Carry back to Virtual Shovel Flag.

When Stumphugger called in sick, Brat gave YHC a second chance for the Q missed during convergence. I have been gone too long from this AO, and was grateful for the opportunity. Great to see the Union County crowd again; hope to have you out at #Commitment! Great work by everyone- Kotters to Grease Monkey and his new knee, good to see Enron again, Doc, Bratwurst and Short Circuit continue to kill it like they do each week at Commitment. Honey Bee jumps back into Boot Camp after crushing Thunder Road at 3:10. #Smokeboots


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8 years ago

Many thanks to stepping up Snowflake. It was a good call to change the BTTW against cafeteria windows you had planned (with field-tripping MS students watching). We may not have been invited back to Dromedary.

Reply to  Bratwurst
8 years ago

Enron is on as Q next week, and I have already heard from several that plan to be there in attendance. If you aren’t traveling for Thanksgiving, then Post at Dromedary!

Stump Hugger
8 years ago

Cough-Cough-Sniff-Sneeze…I heard that Grease Monkey was on the mend. Glad to hear you posted today! Thanks Snowflake for stepping up.

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