The Return of The Worm

  • When:11/16/15
  • QIC: Madame Tussauds
  • The PAX: Frehley’s Comet, Wild Turkey, Heartbreaker, Freon, The Worm, Soft Pretzel, Bratwurst, Chanel, Voodoo, Loogie, Madame Tussauds

The Return of The Worm

11 SOBs stepped out of their cars this morning for a pleasant surprise, the return of The Worm. The Worm is a long standing member of the PAX and an institution in Ballantyne workouts. Over a year ago, he suffered a knee injury and never fully recovered after his surgery. Last Friday he join the SOBs from a few drinks and we encouraged him to join us at Foxhole on today.

The air was cool and the pain was brought. Here’s what we did:

The Thang:

COP: IW X 20, Around the World X 10 each direction, Halo X 10 each direction, Diamond Merkins on bell X 10

KB Ladder – 1 Burpee, 2 Goblet Squats, 3 two handed swings

Each set, add 1 to the burpee, 2 to the goblet squats, 3 to the two handed swings. 10 Sets

Mosey over to the monkey bars and partner up;

Partner 1 – 10 pullups and 20 Merkins; Partner 2 – upright rows, flapjack

Partner 1 – 10 burpees and 20 Merkins; Partner 2 – clean and press (one side), flapjack

Partner 1 – 10 pullups and 20 Merkins; Partner 2 – clean and press (other side), flapjack

Partner 1 – 10 burpees and 20 Merkins; Partner 2 – tricep extesion, flapjack

Partner 1 – 10 hanging leg raises; Partner 2 –2 handed Swings, flapjack

Mosey over to the short wall

Place bell in lap for slow dips in cadence X 5; dips X 15 in fast cadence, Place bell in lap for slow dips in cadence X 5, dips X 15 in fast cadence

6MOM – PAX Choice



It was great hanging with the fellas in The Gloom. This is the start of my 4th week back in The Gloom since my injury and today’s workout reminded me that I have a very long way to go to get back to my normal self. I’m back on Q again tomorrow at Bagpipe.  Hopefully The Worm can make it there too.


Christmas Party – 12/12

F3 Football Game – Thanksgiving Day

Joe Davis Run – Sign-up or Donate.


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8 years ago

Thanks for leading this morning, MT. It’s great to have you back at Foxhole and delivering brutal beatdowns. This morning’s was awful. I kept waiting for an audible that never came.

Wild Turkey, reach out over Twitter if you need any suggestions for your time in NOLA.

8 years ago

Aye! The old MT is back! After you called burpees and merkins, you jokingly said, “I don’t think we’ve done enough burpee.” I was so dazed and smoked, I couldn’t utter a response. Thanks for the beatdown.

I really want to post in NOLA, but I just figured my hotel is 5 mi from the AO and I won’t have a rental car. I may be the first person to Uber to a workout. #whatcouldgowrong?

Reply to  WildTurkey
8 years ago

WT, reach out to F3NOLA on Twitter. Someone down there might be able to give you a ride to the workout.

Reply to  WildTurkey
8 years ago

Wouldn’t be the first to Uber to a workout. BOG did it all the time recently!

Soft Pretzel
8 years ago

Great workout today MT. Just the right amount of terrible. Good energy from all the PAX and great to see the Worm!

8 years ago

Great to have you Q’n again MT, that ladder sucked…and so did all those burpees! Until I read this I had blacked out a good portion of the workout. Great to have everyone out and getting their week started right! Welcome back Worm and hope to see more of you!

8 years ago

The worst combo for me (other than having to figure out new grips on the ladder for the swings) was the upright rows and pull-ups (modified to supines). Never thought that 10 supines would be that tough. I won’t even begin on the 20 merkins… MODIFY, MODIFY, MODIFY.

Great thing about the Joe Davis Run. Doing the 5K will still be BallsToTheWall HARD if you run it right!

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