Sausage Saturday

  • When:11/14/15
  • QIC: Tiger Rag and Runstopper
  • The PAX: Horsehead, Hoodie, Countertop, EE, Glass Joe, Kiefer, Late Show, Hairband, Good Luck, Hops, Smokey, Belly Flop, Goofy Foot, Boondock, FNG Picasso, Udder, The Count (ah-ah-ahhhhh)

Sausage Saturday

It began with a be-Yoda’d Runstopper in a GR2 and ended with goat selfies. And fifteen men and 4 men-to-be found themselves in the middle.

A notional warm up followed an implied disclaimer and we got to work on stations.

STATION 1;  Chest to chest partner carry with Body Bag.

STATION 2:  Sled bear crawl

STATION 3:  Prowler

STATION 4:  KB Farmer carry

  • Three/Four man teams rotate through stations.
  • Keep busy with KB, Blocks and other stuff while waiting for equipment
  • Run a mile
  • Another rotation
  • Run another mile



  • Outland is not as far out as they lead you to believe. You make that drive on a weeknight and it’s 45 minutes.  On a Saturday morning, though, it’s only about 15ish.  And this is how we came to fine 3 grown men sitting in the parking lot at 6:35.
  • You get from a station workout what you put in, especially when waiting for the equipment. If I don’t get a gnarly pump from a station workout, that’s usually on me.
  • The out and back miles were painful.  I mistimed the rotations so we were shortchanged the remaining planned mile.
  • Strong work by EE, Glass Joe and Kiefer.  They logged 5 before the workout and a couple of more frisky miles during.
  • T-Claps to the recent FNG Kiefer (4th workout), who has signed up for a marathon this summer and is off to a strong start on the training.
  • Nice to have Good Luck join us from Asheville. He was especially strong on the Prowler, despite the leggings.
  • Speaking of, to no one’s surprise, except maybe Selfie the Goat, Runstopper wore bright yellow tights (with shorts, thankfully).
  • Though he looks much stronger than he actually is (his words), he flexed his iron colon and downed not one but two Egg White Delights at McDougals.
  • After the Egg White Delights, conversation naturally, if not inevitably, drifted to the Squatty Potty.  Treat yourself to the Amazon comments.
  • I can’t say if it was the spray-painted SATURDAY SAUSAGE sign that compelled me to turn around or the goat chained to a pole.  Either way, it was the perfect end to a great morning. Stay tuned for Hops’ review of the sausage….

Thanks for the invite to Outland.

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Glass Joe
8 years ago

Thanks for coming out and putting a hurting on the rest of my Saturday plans. The struggle is real especially with that station 2 modification near the end. Sad times when I wished I had bear crawled afterwards.

Great work by the guys today and the growth of some UC guys were completely evident today.

Good Luck – future guest Q buddy

It was great to be back at Outland after 8 weeks away.

8 years ago

Flip over a couple of small trashcans and you can make your own rainbow snow cones.

I know a guy who tried it. He said it wasn’t as epic as he had hoped, but he could already make a mean snow cone.

8 years ago

Never a dull moment at Outland. Recommend it for a full dose of personalities to any and all pax.

Snowmen, sausage Saturday, grazing goats, etc.

Entertaining freak show and a great workout at a great AO

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