• When:11/12/15
  • QIC: Frasier
  • The PAX: Haggis, Ironsides, Mr. Brady, Gomer, Frasier


Honey Bee took the week off.  Something about a little run on Saturday that he wanted to rest his legs.  I decided to try to find new terrain for us.  We have gone East, West and North but never South so that is what we did.

As I waited in the parking lot wondering who would show up since so many are resting for the Thunder Road marathon this Saturday there came a trickle of lights and cars with Mr. Brady being consistent with coming in right as the bell sounded.  I am not sure who cuts it closer Mr. Brady or Floor Slapper.  A preblast was sent out the night before but Haggis was the only good student that prepared for the quiz today.  He arrived with reflector vest and head lamp as requested.  Instructions were given and off we went for a mile and a half warm up to the Stonecrest shopping center.

Once we all arrived at the parking lot in Stonecrest we did Brat inspired dynamic warm ups.  I heard there was another F3 workout taking place in the same spot but they could not be found at first.  Instructions were given and the course was explained.  We would run exactly 2.0 miles in a loop through the Thornhill neighborhood.  Home to the Murderhorn.  The Pax had the choice of one or two loops either being 5.5 or 7.5.  The bell sounded and everyone found their own pace.

Mr. Brady, Gomer and YHC arrived on the nose at 6:15 with thirty seconds to spare.

Moleskin: Tried to take us some place new but familiar to Devil’s Turn.  The exact 2.0 around Thornhill offered ups and down but not the extreme of Piper Glen.  We did get a glimpse of that other F3 group.  I think they were doing some stuff on the ground and grunting as we ran by them.  They seemed friendly enough.  Devil’s Turn is a tough workout to keep the Pax together and I am sure there are some clever ways to do this in the future with this route.

It was fun dodging cars with Mr. Brady.  Got to use some fast twitch muscles in certain sections when you had to accelerate to miss the vehicles.

Thanks to everyone that showed up.  It is never fun to run alone and conversation makes everything better.

Good luck to everyone doing the half marathon, marathon and The Beast this weekend.  Be safe and I hope you get the times you want.  Ignore the pain and rely on your training and you will be fine.

Announcements: Sign up for Joe Davis.

Area 51 Christmas party is live.  Can we say Christmas in light of all of this Starbucks stuff?

Don’t forget about the Turkey Bowl.

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8 years ago

I’d like to hold a convergence with DT; note you will have to mosey to our AO cause us fatso’s are slow runners. I’ll bring bricks for a strength exercise; we’ll run for your part. Let me know!

Reply to  Strawberry
8 years ago

Running and exercises with/without bricks. I’m just curious, how would this differ from a normal Rebel Yell?

Reply to  Voodoo
8 years ago

I’ve been required to remove my bricks from my truck bed for a while so us Rebs have to make due w/o for a while. …..Voodoo- you’re being placed on the Q list now. How’s 1/13/16 sound? Bring whatever you want.

Reply to  Strawberry
8 years ago

Are we talking about Rebel Yell or the Maul? If it’s RY, I think you mean 1/14. It looks like I’ll be in town that day and RY is one of the few A51 workouts I’ve never attended, so I’ll take you up on your offer. #bucketlist

I’ll expect you to reciprocate at Foxhole some time in the new year as well, Mr. Shortcake. You might want to buy a KB and post a few times to get the hang of it. #getswole

8 years ago

I have a kettle bell already good sir. In fact, I will probably post Olympus tomorrow with our good friend Gullah.

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