The Scottish call it Gawf…

  • When:11.7.15
  • QIC: rev flo-rida
  • The PAX: EmNEm, Ickey, Rev. Flo-Rida

The Scottish call it Gawf…

It was wet. but not cold. and YHC had committed to the Q slot at the conclusion of the Mudun 2 weeks ago #Vulnerable #WantMyMoneyBack. So, why only 3 pax? Who knows, , who cares, we still got a beatdown to get through. and so, heres what we did:

COP in cadence with 25 SSH, 20 wide,slow IW, 10 1 armed windmills then flap jack.

grab Saucer sleds, wedge, and golf balls and head to the part of the field with the most grass #NotMuchArea. 1 pax attempts ( emphasis on attempt) to hit ball onto saucer sled approximately 30 yards away. if ball does not end up in sled, pax pushes sled close to him to fetch the ball and return. other pax do called exercise. called exercises included 2 hand swings, goblet squat, chest press, figure 8, hammer curls, tricep extensions, lawn mowers, and renegade rows.

for the record, none of us hit the sled. YHC shanked more than one. eventually we were worn out.

head to play ground for some burnout work

20 hammer curls, 1 in board. decrease hammer culrs by 2 each round, increase inboards by 1. #BurningBiceps

20 lawn mowers 1 out board. repeat same increase and decrease

20 Bulgarian split squats, 1 goblet squat

10 rocky ab lower 1 LBC

hip flexor work.

NMM: So, Gullah and Icky invited me to do this Q and I agreed during a moment of weakness. Then, Gullah doesn’t Post #HurtFeelings. To make matters worse, at Coffeteeria Ickey invites everybody to his house for pancakes –but not me. He looked me straight in the eye and said “Oh….are you Roman Catholic? I’m afraid you can’t come.”

P.S. EmNEm posted at Diamondhead this morning with a 25 KB instead of a 40. I think that tells you how hard the burnouts were.

Until next time,
Rev. Florida

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