Preblast: Caribbean Suicides

  • When:11/10/2015
  • QIC: Hairball
  • The PAX: Open invite. BYO Smokeboots

Preblast: Caribbean Suicides

Haze damn near bumped YHC from the Q rotation. Retaliation’s a B – with a nasty little treat on tap for FT tomorrow. We’re going to run hard and fast. Don’t say you weren’t warned.


Warmup pace down Woodfox. Left on Rounding Run. Right on Raintree Ln.

Quick COP at gravel lot

Turn on the jets, continuing out Raintree Ln.

Rendezvous at 4-way stop (Raintree Ln/4 Mile Creek)

Mosey down 4-MC to Whitethorn (blinking light)

Suicides up 4MC (AYG on the uphill)

  • Up to St. Thomas Ln (1st side street on left), back down to blinking light
  • Up to St. Croix Ln (2nd side street on left), back down to blinking light* (Mod 1 option)
  • Up to Raintree Ln. (Protip: there’s a Strava segment here)

Speedsters lead a round of Mary at the 4-way stop til the 6 gets in

Mosey back down Raintree Ln

Quick COP at gravel lot

Rendezvous at the top of Windbluff** (Mod 2 option)

Mosey down Windbluff til you hit the bottom, AYG up backside, stopping at Shallowood, about face

Mosey back down Windbluff to the bottom, AYG up to Raintree Ln. (Strava segment)

Rendezvous for Indian Mosey back to campus – 2 lines if necessary


Total distance: 6.24 miles with no mods


Haze told me I couldn’t use the #dropcity hashtag in this preblast. So…

*If you need to modify, on leg 2 of the suicide, continue to Raintree Ln instead of stopping at St. Croix

**Mod 2: Instead of running up the back side of Windbluff to Shallowood, turn around at the bottom and head back to Raintree Ln.

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8 years ago

Hmm, I think I saw this workout in a “girls on the run” training manual.


Purple Haze
8 years ago

Suicides up the worst hill on 4MC?! I’m out.

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