CMPD Training along with some rain equals a successful Turnpike Q

  • When:11/07/15
  • QIC: Turnpike
  • The PAX: Hoodie, Smokey, Goofy Foot, Lemont (Respect),Kiefer,The Count, Squidward, Hairband, Double E, Turnpike (QIC), Sweat Shop

CMPD Training along with some rain equals a successful Turnpike Q

One man showed up for a pre… Scratch that Q showed up to run and lost his breath trying to catch Double E ( Bad idea on my part).

Double E I believe did 4 1/2 Miles

Turnpike 3 Miles

So my inspiration for my Q this week was CMPD. For those that do not know I will be taking the CMPD written and physical test next Saturday (prayers greatly appreciated). I figured I would go ahead and time myself for the physical fitness portion of the test and figured the PAX would enjoy as well. Thank you all for embarking on my practice run today!

The Thang:

Hairband Mile


Imperial Walker IC X 20

Mosey to the cones for instructions:

CMPD Training:

2 Cones were placed approximately 100 feet apart. And a third cone placed off to the side. Idea is to have each member of the PAX run 6 laps around the two cones then head over to the third cone and complete 15 Merkins, 15 LBC’S, 20 Step Ups on the Curb. Repeat 15 Merkins, 15 LBC’S, 20 Step ups, and run six more laps then plank when done! May have been too many instructions and I apologize for that but everyone seemed to get it and off we went.

Once completed we move to the side of the school for some station work!


Dips X 20
Step Ups X 20 ( 10 Each Leg)
Squats X 20
Lunge Walk through brick aisle


Carolina Dry Docks X 20
Merkins X 20
LBC’S X 20
Bear Crawl through brick aisle

Plank when done

Mosey to the school buses for a little cheese weave. Once done we cheese weave it back and grab some wall.

Peoples Chair w/ 50 Air Presses
Peoples Chair w/ 30 Air Presses
Peoples Chair w/ 20 Air Presses

Line up for Indian Run to the stadium.

Stairway to 7

Start with 1 Burpee on the ground, at the fist stair 1 Incline Merkin, run up the bleachers 1 Squat at the top run down bleachers repeato until you end with 7 Burpees, 7 Incline Merkins, 7 Squats.

Mosey back to front of middle school!

Double E with some Mary while waiting on the PAX!

Time still left so one more go at the CMPD Training. See the beginning of the BackBlast for details!

Once done time for some Mary

Double E w/ Protractor while the rest of PAX complete the training.

Back to Q for the rest of Mary!

Freddy Mercury IC X 20
Rosalita X 20

The end!

Great job today by all the PAX!

Thank you to the PAX for allowing me to get some training in this morning for my test next week. I would like to say both times I timed myself and killed the time they set as did the rest of the PAX!

Nice to see Kiefer back out today after his first post yesterday!

Hairband continues to get the knee stronger!

Double E was in beast mode as usual. I apologize for showing up late to the run this morning.


Joe David run on January

If you want to order a Union County shirt please get orders in by Friday the latest I believe from what HB said this morning we have 11 shirts on order so we need one more.

Continued prayers for The Count! Won’t go into to much detail not sure if that is something he wants me to do so please just keep him and his family in your prayers!

Thanks to Hairband for taking us out!

If I missed anything chime in below!

Honor leading you gentlemen!


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8 years ago

Pike, you are the #Eeyore of workout Qs with a giant Nimbus that follows you around. Good thing you have such a good attitude about it. Thanks for leading the site today. I will return to #HazardCounty next week, along with Glass Joe.

8 years ago

Also – hit this backblast with an Outland tag if you don’t mind.

Double E
8 years ago

TP, can you add the PAX and date headers to this?
Great Q today TP! Glad to find you in the gloom at 0630 to finish the Pre-Run with! This was a very solid workout and the Stairway To 7 is a gasser. I really like the approach we have started taking where the first finishers always go back to the 6 and continue on until everyone finishes. I think it not only motivates the 6 but gives extra credit to the first finishers. You will crush the CMPD physical! I think I heard we once again went over the 3 mile mark during the workout today and HB said he was just getting warmed up #nolonger0.0!! Solid work by LeMont, Sweat Shop, Hoodie and Bauer (F3 name?)! These guys are quickly becoming #F3Beasts! Squid 2.0 nearly had a rename for doing the exact thing papa Count did to earn his F3 name during the PAX Count during COT. Goofy Foot 2.0 and Smoky turned it on and up during the CMPD training.
You know if TP is on Q it is going to rain so come out and enjoy! I believe many regulars will be back next week from Q-school today and finishing the F3 Anson Launch turnover!

8 years ago

I hate that I missed every workout this week especially this one! I will be back next week also and refocused to push to the next level!

Drop Thrill
8 years ago

TP you need to stop Qing so Charlotte will dry out! 🙂

We got drenched at Mint Hill as well. The Vet was a soggy, sandy, dirty mess of a workout.

Sorry to be missing out on the Union County fun these days, but between being sick last week and trying to help with Mint Hill counts I’ve been hanging near home more.

Excited though to finally see growth at our Saturday workout! Had eight this week and that’s the most I think since our launch in June!

Thanks for pushing me to be better Union Co. brothers, so I can spread the love in Mint Hill.

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