Like clockwork

  • When:11/05/15
  • QIC: High Tide
  • The PAX: Fletch (prerun), Horsehead, Bananas, Busch, Radar, Young Love, Sanka (WB), Tackling Dummy, Hops, Baracus, Chum, Hacker (Respect)(WD), Dora, Turkey Leg (prerun), High Tide (Q)

Like clockwork

15 meatheads battled the clock today, in a tabata-like manner but without all that needless rest.  Let’s get ta swingin’…

The Thang


  • Ease into things with some High Knees
  • Blood flowing (internally), Prying Squats further loosened up the leg muscles and joints
  • Now we’re ready for Imperial Walkers
  • And, some angelic Halos to get our upper bodies in the action

5 Minutes of…

  • 10 one-handed swings at the top & bottom of every minute, resting for whatever time is remaining = 100 one-handed (aka “real”) swings
  • 10-8-6-4-2 Goblet squats * 2 – goblet squats at the top & bottom of each minute, counting down by 2’s and repeating the whole sequence twice = 60 goblet squats
  • Suitcase carry – R – to playground
  • 5 pullups at the top & bottom of every minute = 50 pullups
  • Suitcase carry – L – back to parking lot
  • 10 good mornings at the top & bottom of every minute, for the first 2.5 minutes, then switch to 10 teabag squats for the remaining 2.5 minutes = 50 good mornings & 50 teabag squats
  • 10 clean & press (5 per side) at the top of every minute = 50 c&p

Waiter carry – R – to car at far end of parking lot.  L on the return.

Meathead Mary

  • 7 Louganis OYO
  • 10 Russian Twists IC
  • 10 Flutter Presses IC
  • 7 Pullovers OYO

Finish with 3:00 of one-handed swings (60 swings)




  1. Joe Davis Run – sign up for 5k or 10k option.  Do it.
  2. Turkey Bowl – Thanksgiving Day – sign up with Brown or Spackler.

Naked Moleskine:

Today’s weinke was based on some of the stuff that YHC does while working out #sadclown style, using the timer to maintain intensity, since there isn’t any pax around to push you.  Decided to share this with the pax [minus the usual TGUs], knowing it’s easily modifiable up (with a heavy KB) to really beat you down or modifiable down (with a lighter KB) if you chose a lighter workout.  YHC was a little under the weather today but still managed the heavier route for the majority of the workout, although the tank was empty by the end.

#MeatRunners Fletch & Turkey Leg were seen sprinting their 5k prerun before the main event.  Glad to have you speedsters representing us and trust that the KB crosstraining is shoring up whatever needs shoring.

Horsehead must have chosen the lighter option today (I think it was a helium-filled KB with a candy shell that he found on Craig’s List) as he was not seen taking advantage of his BYOTB (bring your own truck bed), although it was kept within arms reach.

Glad to have Bananas back out, after tweaking his back at few weeks ago with a horrendous number of snatches and a #brohug during Ball of Man.

Radar and Busch helped to control the rodent population at Meathead with regular fumigations.  #OrkinMen

Young Love, Sanka, & Tackling Dummy were on the opposite side of the circle from YHC but looked to be putting in some serious sweat equity.

Hops made another Meathead posting (no, not his first!) and was soon looking for a larger bell to swing.  Aye, brother!

BA is an ol’ KB pro and a recent Meathead regular and managed to get in some 2nd F, as well.

Chum may have been on a reconnaissance and recruiting mission for Mint Hill Metal (on Fridays), as far as I know, but glad to have you!

Hacker saved YHC from being WD and kept us on time during the pullups.

Dora showed us he didn’t need a KB swing as long as he has his ruck!  Aye!  (…wonder if I could carry my KBs around in one of those…)

Turkey Leg showed that he’s more than just a fast runner and newly minted Meathead.  He also knows his 80’s hairbands (YHC’s musical selection today).

Thanks for the opportunity to lead.  Hopefully you got something out of it today.  If not, we’ll upgrade your KB next time.  YHC’s legs are already tightening up…


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8 years ago

I was just trying to get away from Busch’s Baked Beans or whatever foul disregard of human decency was going on over there.

8 years ago

That Was all Busch Beans

8 years ago

Busch calling me an FNG to Meathead hurt…it was at least my 3rd time. When is Bananas going to come up with an exercise called the J-Ro in honor of our newly elected mayor?

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