Lobsta Roll’s Q-Parade comes to a sad ending at Anvil…..

  • When:11/4/15
  • QIC: Lobsta Roll
  • The PAX: Mermaid, Kane, Van Pelt, Gummy, Lex Luther, Deep Dish, Yankee, Icky Shuffle, Iron Horse, Snow Flake, Blades of Glory, Brush Back, Prohibition, Fletch, Fragile, Head Hunter (FNG), Boutique, Utah, Turkey Leg, Scabby, Margo

Lobsta Roll’s Q-Parade comes to a sad ending at Anvil…..

21 of So. Charlotte’s finest decided it was a good idea to join QIC on the final stop on his Q-parade.  With this being Q’s 4th show in the span of a week, some of the PAX were treated to a repeat or 2 of similar pain stations.

 After a quick jog around the AO, the PAX ended up in the lower parking.  A disclaimer was provided and now we are ready to get after it:

 Holding plank throughout PAX completed:

20 IC Plank Jacks

20 merkins

20 IC Mountain Climbers

20 merkins

20 Peter Parkers

20 merkins


Back to normalcy


20 IC Monkey Humpers

20 IC IW


Next, our short jog took us to the rock pile by the baseball field.  Grab a rock (not to crazy was the call from Q) and circle up.


First exercise was Jack Webb (with rock for the presses)…Crowd favorite!!


Catch your breathe with 25 IC crunches & 25 IC dolly


Second exercise was 20 IC Tricep Ext. followed by 10 merkins on the rock


Third exercise was 20 IC Bicep Curl followed by 10 merkins on the rock


Fourth exercise was 10 IC Tricep Ext. followed by 10 merkins on the rock


Fifth exercise was 10 IC Bicep Curl followed by 10 merkins on the rock


Return the rock…


Next, our jog around the AO took us to the front entrance of the church were the PAX  grabbed some wall for a few sessions of people’s chair & a bonus (or 2)


Round 1 – 90 sec people’s chair followed by 5 burpees and 10 donkey kicks

Round 2 – 90 sec people’s chair followed by 10 burpees and 20 donkey kicks

Round 3 – 90 sec people’s chair followed by 15 burpees and 30 donkey kicks

Round 4 – 90 sec people’s chair followed by 20 burpees and 40 donkey kicks


Final jog took us back to the launch for some Mary:


25 IC flutter

25 IC bicycle

15 IC each side hip raise (there is another name for this)



Always a great group of men at Anvil and I am honored to have the chance to lead.  Judging by the chatter, everyone seemed to enjoy the variety of pain the Q dished out today.  A big welcome to our FNG – Head Hunter.  Keep posting it gets easier!


Its sad to see the Lobsta Q-show come to an end but all good things do have to come to an end. 



Joe Davis Run

Christmas Party

Check the weekly email for details


Keep our F3 brothers heading to Nicaragua in your thoughts and prayers as they head down to complete some mission work.



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8 years ago

Solid Q as always Lobsta Roll. Jack Webb with rocks is difficult to say the least. Welcome to our FNG Headhunter and thanks to Gummy for bringing him out. Hope to see him back out soon.

4 RESPECTS: Van Pelt, BOG, Snowflake, and Iron Horse. All crushing it like usual.

8 years ago

Nice upper body beatdown Lobsta! Thankful for the very thorough disclaimer – almost came in handy during the seemingly endless overhead rock presses.

8 years ago

Shoulders smoked Lobtsaroll! Great Q –
You’d think a 3.5 yr veteran of F3 would take the Q’s advice when he says don’t be aggressive in rock selection.
Glad I missed your other 3 Qs this week, and I will definitely steal some of this for the boys in UnionCo.

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