Big Rocks

  • When:11/04/15
  • QIC: Bananas
  • The PAX: Short Circuit, Silicon, Enron, Bratwurst, Stumphugger, Strawberry, McStuffins, Bananas (QIC)

Big Rocks

8 posted for an old school rock beatdown.

The Thang:

15 Merkins IC

Run to rock pile, partner up, and get one large lifting rock for your team.

10 Merkin chasers to the picnic tables

P1 Step Ups
P2 Good Mornings

10 Merkin chasers to back lot wall

Rounds of:
P1 Rock Lift
P2 Up and over the wall and run to top of hill past flag pole and back

Called exercises were:
Two hand shoulder presses
Tricep extensions
Flutter Press

Head back with 10 jumpsquat chasers back to the rock pile.

Return your rock and run back to cars

6 MOM with rotating Pax called excercise and cadence counts

Tough group out there today. I didn’t hear too much complaining and everyone was grinding. I would have to say our boy McStuffins can fly while carrying a heavy object. Silicon came flying through the Pax looking for him only to discover he had another 100 yards to cover and it better be covered quickly.
Thanks for allowing me to lead and it’s always great to workout at the Drom.

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Hair Band
8 years ago

Only a week & a half left to get your orders in! Get your F3 Union County shirt NOW!

Stump Hugger
8 years ago

What is worse than getting my shoes muddy?! Those damn cockleburs! I was waiting to last to pick a partner with a measly rock. Only to be left with the big dog and his meathead inspired rock!

8 years ago

For Enron and other non-Twitterers (if they don’t read this, won’t help either I guess), got to (and on your mobile device) for a summary of tweets.

Also go to that page > Menu > Schedule and you’ll see Q assignment at Dromedary for the week. Click 1stF tab, scroll to Dromedary, and you will get link to sign up as a Q. Next open slot is 3 weeks away!

Preblast said nothing about running shoes or lungs. Merkin chasers required both.

Mcstuffins must be used to carrying a pet rock – isn’t he a vet? That’s how he moved so fast.

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