It’s Halloween, but time to dust off the cob webs

  • When:10/29/15
  • QIC: Cheese Curd
  • The PAX: Gummy, Beaver, Pudding Pop, Daisy, Floor Slapper, Semi Gloss, Frosted Paws, Harley, Queen, Good Hands, Nuke, One eye, Swiper, Donkey Kong, Cheese Curd

It’s Halloween, but time to dust off the cob webs

15 men of south charlotte decided to roll the dice with this dusty Q.  Full disclosure and YHC announced it’s been about 3 weeks since my last post.  Either way, to late for the PAX to drive to another sight, so 0530 came and off we went…well Donkey Kong graced us with his presence about 2 min late.


The Thang

Slow mosey around the parking lot and head to the 1/8 mile track

Warm Up

4 corners of a Burpee

1- 10x Squats

1-10x Donkey kicks

1-10x Merkens

1-10x Jump ups

10 burpees

Next round 20 per except for burpees


Mosey to median…actually, medium paced walk


Abs- LBC’s, Protractor, Bicycle


Curb Work

1)Plank/ Curb ups x20

Curb squats x20

Run a lap / Rinse and Repeat


2)Split arm Merkens left side on curb x10

Calf Raise x20

Run a lap/  Right arm and Calf raise


3)Curb plank- Shift left  half way around the semi circle and 10 merkens / Shift right then 10 merkens


20 Merkens then mosey to the Church across the street


Buddy up and grab a lifting rock

P1 Lift exercise, P2 Run to the Salvation Army donation center than flap jack

Curls, Press, Triceps and Squats

Few abs in-between to keep the Pax together


Mosey to the Playground

1/2 group does 10 pull ups then goes to the baseball field

1/2 group does 20 Steps ups (10/per) and 20 Dips then pulls ups

Try to do it twice, but getting close to 0615


Ye’ Old Moleskin

  • Thank you for the group putting up with my dusty Q this AM.  Travel for work by both M and myself, cold/rainy  and general laziness has been keeping me out of the gloom.  Nothing like a Q to jumpstart the spirits
  • Thanks for Pudding for keeping me on the schedule- Next week VQ- Queen
  • I took a bunch of junk at various moments from the Pax today- Gummy, Swiper, Semi Gloss and maybe a few others.
  • LBC / Bicycles, sure they are different exercises. I just could put the proper name of today
  • 2.56 miles logged
  • Probably a bunch I missed out there, I know Gummy will have his 2cents!
  • Thanks to Swiper for taking us out and YHC name is “Curd”….”Curd”.  Young Punk…yes gummy you seem to have the same trouble!



Joe Davis Run- there is a discount if you sign up before 10/31 and then another discount that runs until Dec.  So save money, sign up today.  Questions-Slim Fast or Bushwood

F3 Turkey Day bowl-  On thanksgiving day, more details to come


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8 years ago

I have vivid memories of Cheese Curd dragging us through the neighborhood Christmas lights last year. In particular, I remember him calling Puddin Pop “Joel”. That was awkward. I expected something like that this morning, but no. He still snuck in 2.5 miles in a very Rock-like workout (except for the burpees). And except for the “dusty” Q mechanics – LBCs, merkins, Freddie Mercury – it was never really clear which one he wanted us to do.

I’ve never seen anyone refusenik the Protractor – until now. One Eye claimed it was bad for his back. That’s my second favorite exercise, right behind Imperial Walkers.

Swiper and Puddin Pop battled the dead skunk for worst smell of the morning. Swiper won – terrible.

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