Wet Camel keeps dry

  • When:10/28/15
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: Silicon, Enron, Bananas, Mcstuffins, Soft Pretzel, Bratwurst

Wet Camel keeps dry

No shovel flag was planted (because a certain Site Q either didn’t want to get it wet or forgot to bring it for the N^9th time, but 5 PAX, no make that 6 as Soft Pretzel comes rolling in late, set off into the Gloom of the Marvin Ridge campus at 0530 on Wednesday.

The Thang:
Mosey through the parking lot in the light rain looking for somewhere dry. Found 1st spot at the front of the high school under a very high awning.
Open up with:
Imperial Walker ICx20
Mountain Climbers slow (bring your foot to your wrist) ICx20
Good mornings ICx20

Start the Tabata at 40 seconds on the exercise OYO, 20 seconds to recover. Watch doesn’t stop.
Merkins reg
Merkins diamond
Merkins wide
Carolina Dry Docks
Peter parker
Heels to heaven
Follow to Middle School front annex with tables and Continue Tabata 40/20
Step ups (too wet for jump-ups)
Mountain Climbers
Rapid 1 legged step ups
Full (slow) mountain climbers
1-armed Spartan Burpees (no Merkin)
Man-made Merkins
Maktar jai
Christian laetner (Q fail)
Woodpeckers (elbow plank with foot raises)
Monkey Humpers
Side lunges
Calf raises
Single leg bridge
Rock hoppers
Stump huggers
Mountain Climbers on wall
Plank w/ back pocket touches

Mosey back towards cars taking the long way around the Middle School at about 1/2 mile or more.
AYG at the end.

The normally hearty Union County PAX may have been deterred by the rain, but not these men. Counting on someone to be there to lead (apparently none of them know what a Preblast or what Twitter is, quick demo of Area51 app at the end of the workout), they showed up ready for whatever the Q called for. Fortunately for them, the Q likes to find the warm and dry and stay out of the suck.

When you have a 20sec rest, that should be the time for Mumble Chatter, but apparently it’s during the easy opening 40sec exercises when the Chatter started. Bananas always one to probe the PAX broached topics such as Snow Ruck (and how it’s fun to go watch 3 Go Rucks, but never dip his toe in himself), how beautiful the high awning looked in the warm glow of the entrance lights, and probably 3 other topics, not the least of which was a daily faith lesson about how to trust yourself on 1 arm Burpees.

Mcstuffins, the Chilean vet, has jumped in full bore and rarely misses a workout. Perhaps a little refusenik (something about rotator cuff on the Christian Laetners), but YHC is 2nd guessing that one after only pulling 2 or 3 in a row at a time.

Enron was there and rivaled Bananas with stories (OK, not really) and seemingly went on an excursion to find some dry wall. Apparently he is selective or was trying to avoid Silicon for unknown reasons.

Silicon fresh off the Mud Run where he didn’t get too banged up, told us how to get faster by chasing Middle School girls. Apparently it’s working for him…

Soft Pretzel was like OK, whatever, sounds good, all while probably wanting to Q jack and get to lying in sticky mud to make us as tough and carefree as he is.

A great morning to be out! Makes you realize it rarely sucks to get a workout in, but it rather sucks to sit at your desk all day wishing you had…

Thanks for the opportunity to lead men!

F3 Union County shirt order has reopened at f3.mudgear.com. If you want to get winter gear, check the Ballantyne area’s site at mud gear for long sleeves, fleece, and sweat shirts.

Joe Davis 5K/10K in early January. Look in weekly email for details, but there is a discount that ends Oct 31 if you want to save some $.

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8 years ago

Great morning to be out with the boys. I brought my Bluetooth speaker but it’s not waterproof so that’s the one topic I stayed quiet on. I saw Silicon pulling away in his car smiling at his console like Matthew McConaughey in a Lincoln commercial from all the 2nd F convo. You really hit it all today B. Great workout.

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