“That wasn’t enjoyable….”

  • When:10/23/15
  • QIC: Slim Fast
  • The PAX: Sensei, The Mouth, Freedom, Nomad, Skywalker, Chipotle, Tiger Rag, Huggy Bear, Retread, Fletch, Joker, Booyah, Stone Cold, Slim Fast

“That wasn’t enjoyable….”

… is the quote from Tiger Rag.  Not much mumble chatter from the PAX as 14 goats decided to trek out on the mountain for a beautiful star-filled morning for some heavy breathing and oxygen deprivation.   After gathering in the parking lot at SCMS, and having been disclaimed via telepathy, this how it went down:

The Thang:
1.  1-mi warm-up down Strawberry Ln and back to parking lot.  Head to track.
2.  Dynamic Stretching
3.  3 Rounds of the following:
:30 seconds slow jog
:20 seconds medium/hard (marathon pace)
:10 seconds sprint
After 5 reps, 2:00 minute recovery jog; that’s 1-round… rinse and repeat x2
4.  After regrouping, we did a 400m slow jog, followed by 800m at I-pace, then a 400m cool down (total 1 mi)
5.  After regrouping, we did a 400m slow jog, followed by 400m at I-pace, then a 400m cool down (total .75 mi).
6.  Jog to parking lot and finish with some stretching.  DONE!

Finished with 4.5 to 5 miles depending how many cool down laps were completed.  Excellent job!!

The Moleskine:
Everyone did great this morning, as always!  Welcome to site FNG’s Fletch and Retread!  Great to have both of you out!  Please keep coming back!

Honorable mention to Skywalker for his 2nd week in a row, plus Joker and Stone Cold sightings!!

During the warm-up, several of us noticed a shooting star, which was just cool!  The weather/temps were perfect for running, so despite the O2 deprivation, it was a great morning.  This interval-type running really has benefits when worked in with other long distance training.  You can consider this one of your “hard” days of running… that’s what it’s supposed to be!!

Strange Brew is on his way to San Fran for another one of his “business trips..”  We all feel bad for him since he has to go to such deplorable locations!!  Safe travels!!

1.  Best of luck to everyone participating in the Mud Run tomorrow!
2.  Joe Davis Run coming up Jan 9.  Sign-ups will begin shortly.

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High Tide
8 years ago

I’d say I made the right choice to “taper” today, prior to tomorrow’s mud run. I seem to recall us running this workout up and down hills previously, and I’d agree, it wasn’t enjoyable and meets the “hard” definition.

Thanks for your leadership and pushing, SF!

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