Happy FEET on the move!

  • When:10/23/15
  • The PAX: The Count, Sweatshop, Hoodie, Hairband, Drop Thrill, Shephard (respect), CounterTop, The Late Show, Donkey Kong, Glass Joe, Happy

Happy FEET on the move!

11PAX with some Happy FEET on the move

Disclaimer given

SSH 30
Hillbillies 30
Burpees 15
Arm circles 50

Mosey to hill for7’s on the hill
(6 merkins 1 low slow squat)

From the top of the hill start a 1/2 mile run around to the gate
behind the schools…Dark and scary..better move fast!

fast guys return for the 6’s middle guys plank for 6’s

Short sprints—P1 more SSH until P2 returns – 2x
2nd revolution is merkins until P2 returns—2x

QIC was odd man out….
Mosey to parking lot for plank walk with partner
Plank walk 3 lines with throwdowns at each line the swap places
and return back 3 lines.

1/2 mile AYG run back to 1st bus plank for 6’s –faster than your 1st half.

Too many buses buzzing around so we sprinted to the front lot after
we threw in some lunches for about 100 feet and back to COT

Random MOM to finish time out.

Q called out Glass Joe to choose a minute with Mary and
I am pretty sure as I type this he is still counting, somewhere around 10,000 by now, Hey Glass Joe…it was minute of Mary not a month of Mary!

All PAX were a bit winded but the heart rate was up and blood pumping to get you started for the the weekend!

Good luck to all those participating in the MUD RUN
Union County F3 shirts are going to be available again as soon as a few more PAX step up and add their name to the list at http://f3.mudgear.com/products/f3-union-county-pre-order click on the GREEN tab on the left. We need 12 to open back up the orders.

A big THANKS to Drop Thrill for taking us out in prayer.. It is great to have brothers in Christ to share the morning with!

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Drop Thrill
8 years ago

I swear that seemed like more than 1/2 a mile to the gate back there!

Great Q, you are already a pro at this.

And yes, Glass Joe would still be counting but school was starting and they would’ve called the cops.

Good to run with Hair Band again, although I’m still chasing him.

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