Walk Like an Egyptian

  • When:01/07/2015
  • QIC: Hairball
  • The PAX: Purple Haze, Rehab, Big Top, Blades of Glory, Ralphie, Margo, Iron Horse, Cain, Lobster Roll, Steinbrenner, Scabby, Abacus, Bushwood, Simba, Hannibal, Mermaid, O'Tannenbaum, Boutique, Ickey Shuffle, Hairball (QIC)

Walk Like an Egyptian

Hannibal texted last week asking if YHC was interested in Q-ing Anvil since he’d be out of town on business. YHC abliged, looking forward to the opportunity to lead the pax on what looked to be one of the colder days of the year. YHC received a text from Hannibal last night saying “plans had changed” and he’d be posting at Anvil. Ahh, the ole #bait-n-switch… YHC was knee deep planning the weinke and decided to roll with it.
Per usual, the CMPD cruiser was posted at the entrance to greet the pax at the Anvil campus. It was a cool morning with prefect conditions for a midweek beatdown. The pax huddled up prior to launching for some usual mumblechatter. With under 60 seconds to launch, as YHC was getting mentally prepped, the newest Anvil site Q chimed in with a booming “LET’S GET STARTED!” Geez, give me a minute…
Away we went. Here’s what we did:
SSH x30
Imperial Walker x25
Mountain climber x20
Parker Peter x20
Mosey to the lot adjacent to Hwy 51 for some island hops. Broad jump in each parking spots to each median island. Bear squats x10 at each island. #quadburner
Egyptian mosey to the ball field for a pyramid of pain
Pyramid of pain:
-5 Burpees/Run lap around the bases. Speed: Slower than a Henderson steal, faster than a Gibson trot
-5 Burpees/10 HR Merkins/Run lap
-5 Burpees/10 HR Merkins/15 jump squats/Run lap
-5 Burpees/10 HR Merkins/15 jump squats/20 CDDs/Run lap
-5 Burpees/10 HR Merkins/15 jump squats/20 CDDs/25 LBCs/Run lap
-5 Burpees/10 HR Merkins/15 jump squats/20 CDDs/Run lap
-5 Burpees/10 HR Merkins/15 jump squats/Run lap
-5 Burpees/10 HR Merkins/Run lap
-5 Burpees/Run lap
45 Burpees, 70 HR merkins, 75 jump squatters, 60 CDDs, 25 LBCs. #checkthemath
The pax did monkey humpers til the 6 finished. It was noted by the pax that YHCs monkey humper form could have only been learned from one A51 sensei – the master monkey humper himself, @purplehaze
Circle up for some ole Maria
LBCx 25 IC
J-Lo x10 IC
Dolly x20 IC
Fast mosey to small hill for a lucky round of 7’s
Diamond merkins at top/Squats at bottom
Mosey up to shelter building for bench work
Derkins x10
Dips x15
Step ups x10 each leg
LBC x19 IC – repeato
The pax got comfy on the shelter wall in the people’s chair. Hold the chair until each pax completes a lap around the shelter. The initial gameplan was to wait until each pax completed the lap before the next left the chair. Mermaid in his wisdom advised YHC to call an omaha. The pax then completed the loop in groups of 3.
As usual, things rounded out with a jailbreak run to the cars. Ickey Shuffle showed his dominating closing speed and edged the newly tapped site Q Mermaid for the crown. It was a spectacle, the dude leaves enough in the tank to dominate anyone. Bet he would give @tSpackler, a run for his money.
Tha moleskinny:
-Apparently, the real pyramids in Egypt were built around 2600 BC. The pyramid we built today in 2015 was way more impressive. The pax were getting after it.
-YHC thinks Hannibal’s real excuse for not Q-ing had something to do with going through puberty. A voice cracked during a 10-count during some 6-inches plankage got the pax talking.
-Lots of Lawrence Birds out there today. YHC was chasing many of them around the bases during the pyramid scheme.
Always a pleasure leading such a fine group of gents. Bundle up for the cold weather a’comin, get out of your fartsack and keep posting this week. Until next time.

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7 years ago

Great Q Hairball. Pyramid was tough. Audible back down was right call. May see that one again at Anvil. Didn’t mean to interrupt your visualization techniques learned from PH, AKA Sensei, prior to launch. Simply put, I was cold. Thanks for leading the men of Anvil.

7 years ago

For what it’s worth, I’d like to add a friendly amendment to the #bait-n-switch comment and call it #veteranmove. Boom. Seriously, thanks for pinch hitting for me, even though I ended up being ready to come to the plate if needed.

Great lead. The consensus is definitely that the pyramids were awful, and I’m certain many of those will be feeling those for days. But as always, we’re better for it.

Reply to  Hannibal
7 years ago

I bet your voice cracked twice while you wrote that comment.

Iron Horse
7 years ago

It seems you forgot the suicide following the Island Hops. I notice this because i found them to be most unpleasant. Great Q – constant movement, new stuff. #Hate.

Ickey Shuffle
7 years ago

I wish I could say that is the first time my name has been used in conjunction with the word spectacle. Some of us are built for long runs, others, like myself are built for civilized distances like 100 meters.

7 years ago

That was a lot of work for 45 mins. You crushed us this morning, biceps were failing during HR Merkins in the second half of the pyramid.
However I have already achieved one of my goals for 2015: I led Lobsta in the lap around the shelter. There may have been some boxing out involved.

Other realizations:
Iron Horse was showing us up.
Bushwood was supposed to be at Ranger but over slept so he showed up in his tights #BringingSexyBack
Ickey has some serious speed when it comes to sprints.
Thanks for the Beatdown Hairball!

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