Iron sharpens parking lots

  • When:01/07/2014
  • QIC: Bananas
  • The PAX: Hot Tub, Hot Pants, Tiger Rag, Bratwurst, Chanel, Dasher, Radar, Bananas

Iron sharpens parking lots

8 showed up for what they expected to be a typical day in boot camp land only to meet face to parking lot with a load of hairburners and kettlebell movements.

20 SSH
15 Merkins in cadence
Run a lap .3 mi

Partner Up
P1 Hairburner
P2 Cleans R
P1 Hairburner
P2 Cleans L

Grab a bell 25 swings and 25 two handed shoulder presses

Switch stations to your left with your partner
P1 Hairburners
P2 Upright rows
Flapjack and repeato x 3

25 Swings, 25 squats w/out bell

Next station
P1 Hairburners
P2 High Pulls R
P1 Hairburners
P2 High Pulls Left

On your 6 w/ a bell. 10 overhead extensions to ground back to chest
10 bench presses w/ bell, 10 Louganis’ with bell

Next Station
P1 Hairburners
P2 5 Snatches R
P1 Hairburners
P2 5 snatches L


Run a lap to shake it out/Mosey .3


Moleskin: Had some ideas on paper and the paper is in the trash. Some gents got to taste Hairburners and/or Kettlebells for the first time today. Nothing like that combo that I know of. Had to start with heavy audibles after I realized that I was going to Jim Jones all of us if i didn’t…. #justdrinkit. Great job out there. It’s always nice to have a guest Q jacker (TR), and thanks brother for bringing all the plates!!

Movie is cancelled…Go Panthers!
Joe Davis run Sat. 5k/10k, one or both. Registration is still open. Do it.

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7 years ago

Ouch –
Can I actually be happy I posted at Prometheus instead? Dromedary, Beasts of UC!!

7 years ago

I destroyed my chances to PR at the JoeDavisRun by attending today, but I’m still happy about it! OK, so maybe that’s just an excuse already building in my mind pre-race, and I did take a few things easy today. Will soon push it all aside and get ready to represent Area51 at the Joe Davis Run!

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