Area 51 AO Sampler

  • When:01/06/15
  • QIC: Fletch
  • The PAX: Runstopper, Hairball, Alf, Prohibition, Hopper, Soul Glow, Horsehead, TurkeyLeg, Slim Fast, FNG - Si (Ben P), Purple Haze, Good Hands, Geraldo, Fireman Ed, Spackler, Marge, Fletch

Area 51 AO Sampler

17 (incl 1 FNG) Early Birds left the comfort of their fartsacks for a brisk run down 51 with a few stops along the way. It was below freezing and 5:15am – it was time to start moving.
It went a little something like this…
Looked like a solid veteran crew this morning – Didn’t see any FNG’s – so a disclaimer was given and away we went.
Mosey from the Parking lot for a very brief warm up (Purple Haze and FNG Si came rolling in at this point in the darkness)
SSH x 25 IC
Run to Davie Park Play Ground at 10K pace(ish)
Complete 10 Pullups and 10 Hanging Knees to Elbows
Run to #TheRock AO via 51 to Rea Rd at 10K Pace(ish)
Complete 20 Dips and 20 Derkins at the covered benches
LBC’s while we wait
Run to #DayZero AO via 51 at 10k pace(ish)
Complete 30 StepUps and 30 Incline Merkins on the benches
Flutter off the curb while we wait
U Turn and head back to therock for 20 dips/20 derkins
Run the rest of the way straight to our Launch Point of South Charlotte Middle.
Circle up for 2 minutes of Mary with LBCs x 25 and the Dolly x 25
total mileage 5.5miles

This was my first post at FastTwitch in quite a while and my first F3 Post since the Christmas Eve convergence where I caught some kind of respiratory virus that got the best of me for two weeks. That being said – it was a great pleasure to be back at FastTwitch and to see so many of this group that have become noticeably faster over the past few weeks. Too many to name, but these guys are getting after it on Tuesday mornings.
Weather was a little on the cool side, but nothing like the polar vortex of last year, so We warmed up quickly and tried to keep it moving the full hour. Noticeably missing from the Davie Park Plankarama was SlimFast who had apparently spotted an FNG in the lineup (who I thought was Dora in the dimly lit parking lot) w/out gloves and took it upon himself to run back to his car and get an extra pair for FNG Si. With the rest of the pax on their way to TheRock, I set out to meet SlimFast and run w/him back to the next stopping point. We high tailed it to the covered benches and joined the pax. Huge thanks to SlimFast who volunteered to run with FNG Si for the remainder of this mornings workout. With a distance of 5.5Miles and some body weight exercises sprinkled in, seemed like mission was accomplished. The Pax were running hard today as many are gearing up to their 5k 10k or double down at the Joe Davis Run this weekend. Based on today’s efforts, area51 will be very well represented.
Looking forward to posting at FastTwitch more frequently in 2015.

Unbroken Movie has been cancelled due to attendance – those that signed up will be reimbursed through paypal – (if you would like to donate your payment to the Joe Davis Run – email purple haze)
Joe Davis Run – Saturday – sing up now! You can all run the 5K and most can run the 10K (or both!)
Joe Davis Coffeteria – donate online to support the F3 coffeteria or bring cash to the event.


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7 years ago

Slim Fast is the man.

When we were at Day Zero, people kept telling me stories like “this is where so and so took a dump”, and “this is where you know who puked”. Apparently, nothing is sacred there and it’s just base debauchery and fluids. Good think Prohibition and Hairball have decided to clean things up.

7 years ago

On the other hand, we had to visit the Rock twice to get the same workout as we got at Day Zero in one trip.


Always stirring the pot . . .

Reply to  Horsehead
7 years ago

Don’t kid yourself Horsehead. We stopped at The Rock twice so YOU could have the extra break. Fletch was just being a humanitarian.

Reply to  Hopper
7 years ago

I will take what ever bones are thrown my way. #noshame

Slim Fast
7 years ago

Great Q Fletch. When we were catching up to everyone, Fletch said he hadn’t been doing much after some recovery and illness… But I sure wasn’t leaving him behind!

Those who know me know I hate to be cold! So seeing Si without gloves made my hands cold! Now if it had been Spackler or Alf, of course I would have told them to wipe their tears before they froze on their face… But you can’t do that for an FNG!

Anyway, Great to have Si join us. There should be special recognition for FNG’s that post to Fast Twitch… And then come back. I’ve only known a very few!

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