Winding and grinding at the DMZ

  • When:01/05/2015
  • QIC: Hairball
  • The PAX: Spackler, Semi Gloss, Bugeater, Gangsta Mouse, World Tour, Tantrum, Bushwood, Dick Clark, Mcgee, Orlando, One Eye, Kit Kat, Chef Boyardee, Love Boat, Steinbrenner, Hops, Krypto, Late Start, Mallory (FNG – Justin S), Tenderfoot (FNG - James A), Rashard, Bout Time, Frack, Flutie Flakes, Hannibal, Cheese Curd, Parliament, 2.0 (Parlaiment), Red Rider, Snowflake, Hairball (QIC)

Winding and grinding at the DMZ

31 of South Charlotte and Metro’s finest posted at the first DMZ of 2015 today, ready to hit the ground running in a new year. After acknowledging we had 2 FNGs a brief disclaimer was given and we were off.

The Thang:

Fast mosey to Carmel Middle to circle up for some COP

SSH x25 IC
MC x20 IC
IW x25 IC
PP x 20 IC

Partner up into groups of 3 for some rock work grinders – 2 lifting rocks per group of 3. Each tripod worked together to complete the given number of exercises.

Round 1: curls x200, tricep extensions x200. P1 started with curls, P2 triceps, P3 ran to relieve P2. Flapjack until exercises complete.

Plank-o-rama til the 6 finishes

Round 2: overhead press x200, teabag squats x150

More plank-o-rama

Deposit rocks and mosey to the track. Choose your own adventure clearing the fence – some pax used the functional gate, others preserved their fresh white Nikes and opted for the up-and over approach.
CMIYC partner carries
Lap 1: P1 run carry P2, P3 hand-release merkins x10, flapjack

LBC OYO til the 6 arrives

Lap 2: repeato with squats x10
Mosey to the hill bedise CMS for some Triple nickel hillwork: merkins at the top, squats at the bottom

Flutter x20
Dolly x25

Mosey back to the park with some obligatory burpees (x10 OYO) at the speed bump

Plank up for a jailbreak to Carmel Rd.
-It was an honor leading the pax (for real) this week at DMZ. Enjoyed a rare morning without rain.

-Welcome FNGs Tenderfoot and Mallory – strong work out there

-There was some debate amont the pax about the naming origin of Spackler’s Hill. McGee was amped to meet “the” Spackler this morning. #celebrity? or #oxymoron? @F3Metro: need some clarity on the origin here.

-The group partner carrying Parliament’s 2.0 smoked the pax. Next time how about partner carrying a partner carrying the 2.0?

-Lots of mumblechatter about the F3 ski trip. Hope you’re heading west – NC “slopes” look a bit brown

-A rogue cyclist attempted to “race” the pax on the jailbreak run. Nice try pal. Little did he/she know several pax wore their smokeboots this morning.

-TClaps to Hops for taking us out.

-Joe Davis Run 5K/10K/Both options – January 10, 2015. This is an incredible event put on by Rock Thrill from Area 51/Fort Mill, and his family to honor his brother and benefit Keystone, York County’s local authority on substance abuse and addiction. More info here:

YHC heard there are bragging rights on the line as well. Which region will post the fastest team?

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7 years ago

Spackler’s Hill – here’s a clue. It runs beside the Myers Park Country Club golf course and ends at the maintenance (greenskeeper’s) shed. Here’s a quote, “Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former greenskeeper, now, about to become the Masters champion. It looks like a mirac… It’s in the hole! It’s in the hole! It’s in the hole!”

7 years ago

Good to see McGee as well – site FNG to DMZ. Hope he and Hairball will continue to post in the gloom after their M’s bless them with their first children. Prayers for healthy 2.0’s gents.

Also, I asked for the pax to step up and Q at DMZ along with prayers for ailing Site Q Skywalker. I’ve had 4 of the pax to already step up – who else is ready to Q at DMZ?
Dick Clark? One Eye? World Tour? Love Boat? Flutie Flakes?

Reply to  Hops
7 years ago

Don’t worry Hops, my feelings aren’t hurt that you didn’t mention my name as a potential Q.

Reply to  Spackler
7 years ago

February 9th?

7 years ago

Great work HB. Exactly what I need this morning minus the partner carry. And just FYI, we beat Parliaments group on the second lap. Get you some.

Probably need to check out this hill. Make sure the name is worthy. Probably has nothing on Murderhorn. Just sayin.

Shoutout to Bushwood who agrees that the other Spackler (Fort Mill) has got to be much nicer than me. I didn’t disagree.

McGee and I went from complete strangers to best friends in a matter of 7.5 seconds. “Holy *&^*, you are THE SPACKLER!” Yes, why yes I am.

Reply to  Spackler
7 years ago

Thanks for the shoutout! See, you’re not all that bad. #tSpackler

Love Boat
Love Boat
7 years ago

Hops, going under the knife in feb to fix my shoulder. After a couple months IR, and couple more to get back into shape, I will take you up on the Q request.

Kudos to cheese curd and flutie flakes for pushing the final stretch of the partner carry. Both took it home strong.

Reply to  Love Boat
7 years ago

Too many Carolina Dry Docks? Will pray for smooth surgery and quick recovery. Get well soon and we’ll see you in the gloom in a few months.

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