Beatdown. Literally.

  • When:12/27/14
  • QIC: Ice9
  • The PAX: Snowflake, Bratwurst, Intimidator, Hot Pants, Dasher, Stumphugger, Calzone, Ice9

Beatdown. Literally.

8 men did work today at #Commitment.  This is what they did:

  • Mosey to rock pile.  Find a friend with qualities that will enable you to have a long term relationship.  Bring the friend with you.
  • Lunge walk with friend above your head.
  • Round the corner, and move into people’s chair.  Series of exercises with your friend from people’s chair with descriptive but non-creative names like, “seated rock push outs” and “sitting rock overhead press.”  The pax felt sorry for the Q’s lack of creativity, but amiably did the exercises anyway.
  • Mosey with friend to the bridge.  Lunge walk with friend overhead again.  Shoulders were hurting by this time.
  • Mosey to the concession stand.
  • The main event.  Circuits until the Q calls it of:
    • 10 burpees
    • 20 jump ups
    • 30 merkins
    • 40 squats (some sarcastically asked the Q if these were full squats or half squats after impolitely looking at the Q’s form)
    • 50 steps:  run a lap around the track
  • Some minutes of mary:
    • low slow flutters
    • dollys
    • rosalitas
    • oblique left and right
    • heels to heaven
    • knee-ups
    • russian twists
  • Grab your friend and run behind the stadium
  • A few rounds of supine pull-ups and rock curls
  • Run to icy stadium.  5 minutes of slippery steps.  Q falls on the way down to provide a cautionary example.
  • Mosey to track.  Partner carry for 100 yards or so.
  • Mosey behind the stadium.  Grab your friend.  Pinball with friend back to rock pile.
  • Mosey to fertilized grass in front of school.  Maktar n-jai and plank until time expires.


  • A lot of complaining and sarcastic remarks from Bratwurst today.  Very uncharacteristic from one of the most positive and encouraging men in F3.  In fact, not sure if it was really Bratwurst.  Might have been a doppleganger.  Either that, or he got very grumpy by the workout starting right off at the rock pile.
  • Watch out for Dasher.  He was killing it on the circuit, and completed the partner carry at a sprint.  Dasher is a man, albeit one with an imaginary reindeer’s name.  It makes for fun encouragement from the Q, who can say things during a workout like “on Dasher, on Dasher!!”
  • Intimidator carried his friend like it was a watch. Dude is strong. Still claims he doesn’t run, but in a few short weeks our strong man has been moving faster, and faster.  Intimidator hard-committed to our Wednesday workouts, which will accelerate that progress.
  • Speaking of Intimidator, Snowflake, at about 160 pounds, picked up the 220 pound Intimidator like he was a child’s book bag and ran!  He was also leading the pinball at times.  Respect.
  • Great to have Calzone in the neighborhood.  Seasoned in the highlands, he has come South to live in a truly beautiful area.  His veteran skills showed, and the rust will quickly come off.
  • Hot Pants volunteered to Q after the workout, at a time (soon) to be determined.  He is adding Mondays to his routine, now that Wednesdays and Saturdays alone are no longer challenging for him.  Beast progression accelerates.
  • Stumphugger is a blessing to our workout.  The man is a veteran, and unflappably cheerful.  Even when the Q jumps too high, lands on his shoulders, and beats him down into the pavement, accidentally.  Shaking off the blood and flesh now decorating the track, Stumphugger just kept chugging.

Great takeout by Intimidator.  What a blessing to start the morning with such men.

Announcement:   Joe Davis run coming up.

No Dromedary this Wednesday, New Year’s Eve.  Instead, converge at Regal Cinemas at Stonecrest for a beatdown by Bratwurst and Frazier at 6am.  They promise lots of dips, merkins, and hairburners.

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Stump Hugger
7 years ago

Great Q! In the circuit work I found myself saying “so this is what a Metro workout feels like” – My fav sarcasm from Brat during heels to heaven “heaven is all around me not just up, that is the sky” – way to step it up Hot Pants taking on a VQ so soon!

7 years ago

Was a beat down.

#mumblechatter was to try to circulate blood in extremities due to cold rock and short fingered gloves.

Thanks for calling Snowflake to speed up on the track… I learned it’s hard to catch a Snowflake even with your mouth wide open.

Stadium steps may be #wheelhouse, but did not get to 50… next time.

7 years ago

Ice9 always brings a beat down. And humor. Just not always at the same time.
Circuit was both brutal and fun. #adultrecess
Stumphugger, the beauty of F3 in general and #Commitment in particular is leaving no man behind. The stadium for time and the circuit give everybody a chance to push themselves, and still be with everyone else. #2ndF
Hot Pants, glad to hear you’re ready to Q. Ice9 will enjoy the weekend off.

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