Celebrating Christmas at Olympus

Celebrating Christmas at Olympus

5 strong men posted on a cool, damp morning at Olympus to engage in a little Olympus style Christmas celebration and here’s how we did it:

Gullah on Q


SSH x 25 IC

Merkins x 15 IC

Main Event: 12 Days of Christmas:

Day 1 = 1 KB Burpee

Day 2 = Viking x 1 R/x 1 L

Day 3 = Snatch x 3 R/x 3 L

Day 4 = Renegade Row x 4 R/x 4 L

Day 5 = KB Lunge x 5 R/x 5 L

Day 6 = High Pull x 6 R/x 6 L

Day 7 = 1 Arm KB Press x 7 R/x 7 L

Day 8 = Goblet Squat

Day 9 = Russian Twist

Day 10 = Upright Rows

Day 11 = Good Mornings

Day 12 = 12 KB Curls + 12 Tricep Extentions

Cycle complete/20 minutes remaining–hand off to Hoff for gear circuit

Hoff Q

4 Gear Stations consisting of:

Firehose carry to cone and back–served as timer, rotate stations when pax completes the carry.

Barbell carry==walk to cone and back while curling the bar and pressing overhead

Sled pull to cone and back

Medicine ball squat/launch

Hairburners to cone and back

**two cycles thru each station completed–a little time left for some Mary.


Form circle with “The Beast” in the middle (a 105lb KB provided courtesy of TR). Move around the circle with each Pax calling out an AB exercise while taking a turn doing 20 KB  swings or 20 Good Mornings with The Beast(Pax calling the exercise works The Beast, other Pax perform AB movement).

Times up, we’re done–COT

Great work out there men, pushing through the 12 days only to have to endure 20 minutes of Hoff’s gear stations. Good work by TR & BLC especially as they had injuries they were working through as well. Mighty Might and The Hoff were strong as always.  It was good having TR pay us a visit and thanks for introducing us to that monster bell, we won’t soon forget that one! Thanks for supporting Olympus guys and for giving YHC & The Hoff the opportunity to lead. Strong prayer by TR to take us out.


Joe Davis Run on 1/10

Unbroken showing for Area 51 at Stonecrest on 1/10

Look for convergence info. for 12/24 at Anvil



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