Living After Midnight!

  • When:12/19/14
  • QIC: Hairband
  • The PAX: Glass Joe, The Late Show, Green Thumb, Hairband (QIC), Daniel Meachum (FNG-Candy Crush), Aaron Czupryna (FNG-Jenner)

Living After Midnight!

First thing this morning I saw a text from Countertop bailing due to a crazy late night (after midnight) at work (What is he doing anyway?). So knowing this was a possibility based on an earlier conversation in the week it was time to break out a backup Wienke.

The Thang…

Hairband mile warmup while waiting for GJ & GT’s FNG


Side Straddle Hop X 20
Imperial Walker X 20
Low Slow Squat X 20… still waiting for FNG
Peter Parker X 10
Parker Peter X 10

Let’s mosey and grab some wall for Peoples Chair
30 seconds on
30 seconds, drop an inch and 30 more seconds

Aaaannd here is FNG #2 zooming into the parking lot.

Under the school cover and partner up
P1 supine pullups, P2 step ups until I call time then flapjack 3 rounds
During round 2 Audible! Same thing but 20 pullups instead of time, too hard to look at my watch while doing pull ups!
A bunch of plankwork mixed in

Mosey to the hill, stay with your partner:
Round 1: Partner 1 run up the hill 3 burpees at the top, Partner 2 Merkins at the bottom. Flapjack when P1 returns. Continue until Combined 100 Merkins.
Round 2: Combined 200 LBCs at the bottom, 10 squats at the top. Flapjack until the 200 are complete.
Round 3: Combined 100 Flutters at the bottome, 10 Carolina Dry Docks at the top. Flapjack until the 100 are complete.
More plank work mixed in including 20 hand release merkins, oooh yeah feel that?!

Flutters in cadence 20
Dolly IC 20
Backscratcher IC 20
And don…. GJ calls protractor! Ok!
6 inches
90 degrees
45 degrees
20 degrees
45 degrees
Back to 6 inches


I hate CT needed to bail but totally understand and look forward to his schedule getting back to normal after the new year.

Great having 2 FNGs at Overdrive this morning and look forward to continuing to grow the region. Candy Crush was named due to his job as an IOS app developer, and Jenner because of his track & field skillset at college, named after the once honored and now creepy old lady looking Bruce Jenner.

Joe Davis Run
Stay tuned for holiday schedule

Strong work out there everyone and alway an honor to lead!

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Drop Thrill
7 years ago

Should’ve been Hell Bent For Leather. lol

Welcome to the two new FNG’s! Hope you guys get plugged into F3 and keep posting!

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