• When:12/17/14
  • QIC: Young Love
  • The PAX: PeterPan, Hannibal, Mermaid, Hairball, Champagne, Boutique, Steinbrenner, Ickey Shuffle, Bikini Top, Drop Thrill, Horsehead, Deep Dish, Spandex, Iron Horse, Brushback, Hops, Simba, YL


During this time of year, things can get a little stressful. Everyone has a deal that needs to get done before year-end, a client that needs to be reached before the holidays, an errand they have to run while on the way home from work and three Christmas parties to attend this weekend with all your best friends (and their friends who you see once a year, only at these very same parties). This morning Anvil shattered those frustrations, providing 45+ minutes of workout specifically designed to distract you from those pressures and prepare you for the day to come. Who am I kidding, I only planned the workout part. The rest of it came from the PAX:

Quick disclaimer then little baby warm-up run around 1/10 of the parking lot with a treacherous version of backwards/forwards run and a little stop/start action mixed in for fun.


  • 50x SSH
  • 20x Imperial Walkers
  • 15x Merkins (slow cadence, good form (aka. Selection quality))
  • 20x Low Slow Squats
  • 15x Wide-arm Merkins (Selection quality)
  • 20x Flutter
  • 10x Stagger-arm(L high) Merkins (Selection quality)
  • 20 Sister Mary Catherines OYO
  • 10x Stagger-arm(R high) Merkins (Selection quality)

Fast mosey to soccer fields – Line up on field, facing hill for The Triple Triple Nickel (aka. The TripTripNick) (copyright pending)

Triple Nickel #1 – 5 jump squats at top of hill, 5 hand-release merkins at bottom. Repeato 5x. Run around entire field when done. Plankorama while waiting for the six.

Intermission – Tunnel of Love x2

Triple Nickel #2 – 5 CDDs at top of hill, 5 sister mary catherines at bottom. Repeato 5x. Run around entire field when done. Plankorama while waiting for the six.

Intermission – Seek and find — line up shoulder-to-shoulder, bear crawl forward until 4 cones are found (approx. 60 yds)

Triple Nickel #3 – 5 Burpees at top of hill, 5 turkish getups at bottom. Repeato 5x. Run around entire field when done. Plankorama while waiting for the six.

Mosey home for a 0616 COT





  • Lots of fun stuff today. First, great crew this morning. Always fun to see what mix of folks join in the gloom. Today brought out a great bunch of chatter as well as plenty to chatter about. I think we all had a little bit of stress to offload for a bit. Being guys, we were more than willing to put off responsibility for a little while and behave like the boys we are.
  • Speaking of that, noticed the new “Children at Play” signs posted all over Calvary’s parking lot. I’d like to think we had something to do with that.
  • No #angrywhitesedan sighting although we were almost run over by #randombluecrossover. During the warm-up lap, I purposely avoided the vehicle as it pulled into the lot and sped toward the church. Then, moments later, had to halt the PAX in their tracks as the same #randombluecrossover pulled a reverse and came speeding back across our path. Thankfully, we are nimble.
  • Note to self: although #disclaimer is sufficient, still probably not a good idea to pull the PAX out of a backwards run straight into a forwards run, without turning around. Looked like a random game of Red Rover Red Rover broke out.
  • Chatter was awesome during the COP. I didn’t hear any of it though. #focused.
  • Something about Hannibal looking like an elf, though?
  • Come on, y’all love the Tunnel of Love. What’s not to love? Lots of planking. Crawling on the ground. Getting too close for comfort to Runstopper’s tights. See, nothing but Love there. Two times? Even more to love.
  • So our search and rescue mission was an epic failure until Drop Thrill rolled into COT carrying 3 cones. I thought for sure I’d have to do a solo recon. Props to you Drop Thrill. Mission Accomplished!
  • Big Top = Big Bikini? Big Top is 6’6”. M Big Top is not. When Big Top decides to wear his M’s running vest, let’s just say it comes up a little short. At least he was reflective, sort of. Didn’t really help with #randombluecrossover.
  • I considered trying to post the boisterous banter from today’s name-o-rama, but I’ve decided against it in order to protect the innocent. I also might find the recording useful someday when I need a favor. Always good to have a wrestler in my corner.



  • HDHH on as usual.
  • Special edition HDHH occurring right about now (1700) at Good Bottle. If you are working Uptown while reading this, stop what you are doing, swing by Target, buy a toy and take it to Good Bottle. New toy = raffle ticket so they can give you free beer and so kids (Toys for Tots) have a present on Christmas.
  • Joe Davis Run – sign-up and run
  • Convergence next week: 12.24 at Anvil. Guaranteed good times. Well, at least, less stressful times. It’s Christmas Eve morning, what else are you going to do?
  • Unbreakable movie even – check the preblast and weekly email for details

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7 years ago

Triple Nickel-Lap combo x 3 was a solid call. As always, great Q YL and a good crowd at Anvil.

FYI. If you find yourself in a forced bathroom situation while in transit or at Anvil, Starbucks at Piper Glen is not open at 0500. Had to go all the way down to McD’s at Arbo, wasting precious pre-KB time.

Drop Thrill
7 years ago

As my shoulder was screaming and I couldn’t do bear crawls, I was doing a real Imperial Walker through the gloom and spotted at least one of the cones.

I just consolidated them with the others that had been found so I could get all the glory.

Sorry I wasn’t feeling good, it had nothing to do with the workout or your Q.

It was a tough workout, wish I could’ve done more.

Hope you Anvil faithful’s have a great Christmas and hold your loved ones a little closer for me.

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