#Pre-Blast – Ultimate Frisbee Xmas Pickup (and can drive)

  • When:12/27/14
  • QIC: Udder
  • The PAX: All who want to relive the glory dayz - "Swirrrrlllleeeyyyyy"

#Pre-Blast – Ultimate Frisbee Xmas Pickup (and can drive)

If Football is the official sport of Thanksgiving, then Ultimate is the unofficial activity of Christmas. Come join the Pax and maybe some Ultimate ringers to learn more about Ultimate Frisbee and it’s AMAZING AWESOMENESS! We’ll start at 8am with some warmup and drills. Then depending on who all shows up play a single 7v7 game, or split fields and play 5v5 or 3v3. Hotbox is not out of the question.

Where: Davie Park (Natural Soccer Field)

When: 8am – 10am

What to bring? Canned goods to donate to 2nd Harvest, cleats (if you have them), a light and dark shirt, water, chair and an Ultimate Frisbee if you have one.

PS: If you can make it, HC in comments.

PPS: if the fields are taken, we might see what SCMS football field looks like. (Just around the corner) If this is a colossal fail, we might just go to Starbucks.

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Drop Thrill
8 years ago

What is this, disc golf on crack or something?

8 years ago


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