The Pinball

  • When:12/13/14
  • QIC: Ice9
  • The PAX: Snowflake, Intimidator, Horsehead, Boondock (Horsehead's 2.0), Gutterball, Runstopper, Bratwurst, Kilowatt (FNG), Ice9

The Pinball

8 men and 1 studly 2.0 posted for Commitment this week.  This is what they did:


  • SSH
  • Merkins
  • Mountain Climbers
  • Squats

The Initial Movement.  Travel to the Back Hill with a combination of mosey, bear crawls, and lunges, with one stop for donkey kicks for the early finishers.

  • Five minutes of hill repeats with ascending burpees at the top.  YHC got to 34 burpees.

The Second Movement.  Travel to the Concession Stand with more mosey, bear crawl, and a lil’ backwards run.

  • Five minutes of jump-ups or step-ups, as you choose.  YHC did 304 jump ups.
  • Three sets of dips and knee-up alternates.
  • ‘Bout 7 minutes of Mary, or until the PAX all stop counting.  LBCs, Heels to Heaven, Bicycle, Dying Cockroach, Low Slow Flutter, and some other stuff done thusly.

The Third Movement.  Travel to the elementary school with more of the same, plus introducing “The Pinball,” during which the front PAX pick a point to which to sprint, and then sprint to the six.  Repeat.

  • Walking dips on parallel bar
  • Climb over half-shell spider web looking thing
  • Upside-down monkey bar crawl
  • Shuttle sprints

The Final Movement.  Head back home with sprints punctuated by planking.

Fini.  A few merkins and assorted exercises to run out the clock.


  • Impressive work out there by FNG Kilowatt — a respect who pushed it the entire workout, and hard-committed to be back next week.  No surprise from a friend of Bratwurst.  But still.  Kilowatt is a man.  And an energy regulator, of course.
  • Similar kudos to Boondock.  He’s 8.  What??!  Dude was tearing up our Back Hill, and just about everything else is well.  Must take after his mother.
  • Intimidator, probably the strongest man posting to Commitment, got stretched a little with some of the running at Commitment, and hung in there tough.  Once his lungs match the size of his biceps, there will be no holding him back.  Watch out.
  • We missed Hot Pants and Ben Stein’s Money.  I hear they had a date.
  • Great to have Runstopper out with us, doing a little quality control.  I am sorry to say that we did not pass, and received a health rating of 63.  Sorry fellas.  The good news is that Snowflake has the Q next week.  If you can’t pass, change the passer.


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7 years ago

So why are my back and shoulders still sore? Oh, that “punctuated by planking” was pretty awful. Endless good planking that is deceptively working you. Great workout design by Ice9 to show off the AO, keep everyone together, and give each PAX a push.

Reply to  Bratwurst
7 years ago

If you ran slower, you would plank less.

7 years ago

A great example this weekend of the range of Pax reached by Commitment.
Ice9 ladder up to 34 Burpees v Snowflake ladder up to 3 or 4 burpees.
Ice9 5 minute count 304 jump ups v Snowflake count 34 jump ups.
Bring what you’ve got, leave happy-

All are welcome. Bring your FNGs, even if they are Kilowatt tough. If they aren’t, they eventually will be.
I’m looking forward to next weekend already!

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