Burpee and Parking Deck warmups

  • When:12/12/2014
  • QIC: Champagne
  • The PAX: Haggis, Soft Pretzel, Voodoo, Brush back, Chipotle, Hannibal, Outback, Mermaid

Burpee and Parking Deck warmups

9 men decided to start their weekend off right with a proper SOB downpainment in the Gloom of Ballantyne.

The VSH was planted as MT was DR and had the real one. All veteran crew so no disclaimer given and off we went.

The Thang:

Run down Ballantyne Commons pkw to the Premier parking decks. (the night before, Mermaid asked if we would be running the parking decks, said he needed some parking deck work – ask and you shall receive. Not to mention YHC need to work off the Bad Daddy’s dinner from the previous night also)

Started at base of the stairs of the first parking deck – 10 burpees oyo – run to top of stairs.
10 burpees oyo

Run across top of parking deck and down other stairs.
10 burpees oyo

Run around putting green to adjacent parking deck and up the stairs
10 burpees oyo

Run across top of parking deck and down other stairs
10 burpees oyo

Run down Ballantyne Corporate Parkway over 521 bridge and turn left to get to exercise trail, but by pass all the fun and head to Lochness.

Time for a little Stonehenge /Dolphin special

3 pain stations – Derkins, Jump-ups/Step-ups, and Dips.
Run 1 lap, then 1 lap, with 10 derkins, 10 jump ups, 10 dips,
Run 2 laps, then 1 lap with 20 derkins, 20 jump ups, 20 dips,
Run 3 laps, then 1 lap with 30 derkins, 30 jump ups, 30 dips
Run 2 laps, then 1 lap with 20 derkins, 20 jump ups, 20 dips
Run 1 lap, then 1 lap with 10 derkins, 10 jump ups, 10 dips.

Fast Mosey back to launch. Estimated distance covered between 5.75 miles – 6.25 miles

Believe that Haggis was the only one to complete the full cycle and he crushed it – dude is a beast. Brushback and Soft Pretzel were a close second, only missing the full cycle by the round of 10s. YHC and Mermaid (thanks for keeping YHC company) made it all the way back down thru the round of 20 before the time was called. Everyone was close behind and pushing it and going the entire 60 minutes. Awesome job guys.

Great to see new faces visiting The Brave – welcome Hannibal and Voodoo – hope you guys come back.
Parking decks with burpees is a great way to warm up with the temps are cold outside.

Wasn’t much mumble chatter once the burpees started and on the pyramid, the pax were spread out so may have missed some – shout out below if anything interesting or noteworthy happened.

It is always an honor to lead these workouts and this great group of men around the great AO.

Sign up for the Joe Davis run and select Area 51 so we have the largest team.
Check out the site for 2nd F opportunity January 10th Q’d by Simba and Stone Cold to See Unbroken.

That’s all – if something was missed – shout out below in the comments.
Champagne out.

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Chelms aka Tatertot
7 years ago

If my math is right, 50 burpees today. We did 95 burpees at Centurion (or churpees if you prefer) so I think you guys are catching up.

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Champagne
7 years ago

I’ll give you the distance and parking deck advantage although we are having our own deck built at CCHS (August completion). We were focused on short bursts of varying exercises (bear crawls, rock lifting, jumpiong rope, suicides, etc). I’m just jealous because The Brave has taken a lot of strong men that used to show up at Centurion. Time to reload.

7 years ago

Love the Brave AO but Centurion will always be in my mix as well. getting some miles in prep for Joe Davis.

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