Why are we running in formation?

  • When:12/11/2014
  • QIC: Honey Bee
  • The PAX: 12 of the most bad arse PAX you'll come across (to be added later)

Why are we running in formation?

5:15 am came and TR was still in the back of his SUV rubbing down who knows what, others were checking the back of their minivans for carbs their 2.0 May have left between the seats, and the rest were just standing around jibber jabbering. It was a lax morning.

Once we got started we immediately fell into rhythm.  So much in fact that we resembled a 12 man army unit running in formation. #strangecoordination

The formation broke down at the mile mark where the real work began.  The goal was either 1-mile or 2-mile intervals at Threshold pace whichever tickled your fancy.

It all gets cloudy at that point as O2 levels were strained for the rest of the workout. Brat was on some different plan as usual and ran so fast his Swiss miss tassels flowed in the breeze impressively.

Haggis saw red at the end trying to pass Turkey Leg in the last 0.25 mi.  TL would have none of that and held him off with a final sprint to the finish.

That’s all I have. Chime in the comments with your observations.






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7 years ago

I was winded just running to the track. #lostmymojo

My iphone overheated and shut down #icyhot

TR’s socks are fruitier than my hat #tigerspots

Bratwurst’s hat was the fruitest #meatfruit

Almost got caught by a pack of maters as we intersected on Bevington coming back #pridegear

My glasses were completely fogged for the whole workout #painfog

7 years ago

Not a different plan, but had to modify because I didn’t feel warmed up. Sounds a little weak as I say it now… Thanks for the push from HB and Haggis. Does anyone else try to pretend some of the fill-in areas of the track are shapes – like the game we used to play as kids with clouds? One of them in the corner near he start/finish line looks phallic.

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