#F3Dromedary – Up and Over the Hump

  • When:12/03/14
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: Snowflake, SoftPretzel, Mr. Bean, StumpHugger, Chanel, HotPants, Bratwurst

#F3Dromedary – Up and Over the Hump

7 PAX got up and over the Hump today at #F3Dromedary.  We launched at 0530 from Marvin Ridge HS.


  • Disclaimer and overview given (not much running) and we’re off on a Mosey up and over the Hump in the main parking lot to the front of the High School
  • COP at the front entrance.  All In Cadence = SSHx20, IWx20, Mountain ClimbersX20, Hand release Merkinsx10
  • Mosey back up and over the Hump to the rails at the Visitor entrance to the stadium.  OYO complete 3 sets of 10x”Overhead merkins” with hands on top rail, 10xDecline merkins with feet on bottom rail, 10xDips, 10xSupine pull-ups under top rail.
  • Mosey back up and over the Hump to the front of the High School
  • #SheHateMe for 5 minutes “or so” – 10xLunges on each side, 10xBurps, 10xMerkins
  • Mary – LBCs, Rosalita, #JingleBalls, Flutter, Mason Twists, Scorpion, Side Plank with Lateral Leg raises
  • Mosey back up and over the Hump.  On the way down, Serpentine Run through the trees.  Back up and over with Serpentine again up and down.
  • 4 corners of parking lot.  #1 = 20xMerkins (QIC), #2 = 20xSquats (Chanel), #3 = 15xDiamond Merkins (Soft Pretzel); #4 = Jack Webb (Mr. Bean) from 2 merkins/ 4 air press up to 8/16.
  • Jailbreak to COT.


  • Promising upper body and core beatdown in the Preblast, this was the best QIC could do.  QIC’s shoulders and back are quivering while trying to sit at a desk all day.  That’s what you get when trying to do 2 heavy running days on Tuesday / Thursday to get ready for Joe Davis Run.  Need a break from the legs in between.
  • Late-arriving group today with Soft Pretzel (ran in) arriving just in time.  Hot Pants was probably beginning to wonder if he would be all alone.
  • Great to have #Committment QIC Snowflake at the MRHS campus today.  No doubt checking on the PAX to make sure we keep it real throughout @F3UnionCo
  • Chanel purports to be more of the Meathead/Skunkworks bent, but he’s getting out there in front and leading most of the running. Figuring out the Mud Runs aren’t all lifting I bet.
  • #StumpHugger (the exercise) didn’t make a showing today, but @StumpHugger_F3 is on an attendance streak.  After leading in miserable conditions last week, we stayed pretty dry today by utilizing rails and the fairly dry HS entrance area.  Note – concrete dries out faster than asphalt.
  • Mr. Bean demonstrated Peter-Parker as Jack Webb, so we just rolled with it.  It he posts tomorrow at DevilsTurn, he’s going to get a 3x fill of @Bratwurst this week (the PAX, not the German delight, well – that, too if YHC must say so…).  Might need to rename him @SebCoe with all of that running he plans on doing.
  • What happens be Bananas goes AWOL?  Is that the same as going ApeS–t?


  • Joe Davis 5K / 10K – .apparently, 5 entries to the Thunder Road 2015 event are going to be awarded in some fashion to top PAX (check here).  This is bringing out some studs, so this one will be fun to watch.  Check the preblast for registration details.
  • #F3Commitment continues this Saturday 0630 at Weddington High School.  Starting as a Moderate bootcamp, this one has Ice9 and Snowflake to ratchet it up or down as needed.

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9 years ago

Hate I missed it! I need some F3 after Disney. Good stuff Brat.

Mr. Bean
9 years ago

Good Q Bratwurst. I learned a few things today “she hate me” sucks and “jingle balls” was amusing.

9 years ago

Good Q Brat, def worked those shoulders and the she hate me was pure punishment! Shhhh on the running, you’re going to ruin my street cred at Meathead!

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