283 Days and Counting…

  • When:12/02/14
  • QIC: Soul Glow
  • The PAX: Hopper, Slim Fast, Spackler, Purple Haze, Turkey Leg, Geraldo, Hops, Mr Brady, Hairball, Soul Glow

283 Days and Counting…

Since BRR registration is now open 10 pax got a jump start on training for next year’s race with a heavy dose of hill repeats.

The Thang

Two-lap warm-up around the SCMS parking lot. Mix of exercises including: high knees, butt kicks, toe walk, heel walk, side shuffles and backwards run.

Mosey to the bottom of Rising Meadow for 11’s with a twist.
At bottom of hill pax do jump squats.
At top of hill pax do merkins.
On even number runs (laps 2, 4, 6, 8, 10) backwards run up the hill.

Mosey to bottom of Windbluff for Triple Nickel and ab work.
Partner one: Triple Nickel – five lunges (each leg) at bottom of hill, run to top, five merkins at top of hill, run back down X 5
Partner two: 100 LBC, 100 Nipplers, 50 Dolly, 100 Freddie Mercury, Plank

Indian run back to the top of Woodfox, jailbreak from Woodfox to SCMS parking lot.


Great effort from the pax today. The backwards runs on 11’s brought on a good burn and Windbluff always hurts. Since the track is rarely well-received I tried to disguise some speed work in the way of hills. I think it worked. Always appreciate the opportunity to lead this group of guys. Thanks to Mr Brady, AKA site chaplain, for the send off.


Registration is closed for this Saturday’s holiday party. If you haven’t signed up/paid but want to attend get in touch with Prohibition.

Registration is still open for the Joe Davis 5K and 10K.

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9 years ago

4 of the 9 members of #FreeRange posted at FT, and 2 (potentially 3) posted at Swift….just sayin’….not really sure what I’m just sayin’ actually. #FreeRange

Reply to  Hops
9 years ago

#freerange is in mid season form already. Four from FreeRange doing Kiawah next week. One, Spackler, is doing his best cheerleading impression.

Reply to  Frasier
9 years ago

Golf + booze = cheerleading

You just remember where your head lay next week. Best sleep with one eye open.

Reply to  Hops
9 years ago

Flattin’ the Hills is resting up to avoid burnout, of course with the exception of Hopper and Hairball.

No, really we’re just expecting Hopper and Hairball to carry us.


9 years ago

I was with the group of Mr Brady, Hops, TL and Hairball during the triple nickel. #humbling

Thanks for waiting on me Hops!

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