• When:11/22/14
  • QIC: Horse Head, Double E
  • The PAX: Drop Thrill, Glass Joe, The Late Show, Hair Band, Electric Slide, Boondock (2.0)


Nothin’ could be finer than to be with 8 PAX in the Glorious 26 Degree Frosty F3 Outland Sun Valley Middle Carolina Gloom on Saturday Morning???  Ummmm… EL HORSEHEADO WOULD YOU SAY WE HAVE A PLETHORA OF BURPEE-O’S??  Answers Below!!

The morning began with a 6am Pre-Workout 5 Miler led by GJ, EE, and DT to get things going! All accounted for, Begin Beatdown:

COP – HH on Q

35 x Side Straddle Hop IC
20 x Imperial Walker IC
15 x Good Mornings IC
15 x Mountain Climbers IC


HH – “2 Options, Running workout or Non-Running workout??”
Mumblechatter amongst PAX
HH “OK Let’s Mosey”
Mosey to Practice Field

HH CALLS – 100 BURPEE CENTURY SET – Si, El HorseHeadO, We have a PLETHORA of Burpees

10 x Burpees in 60 seconds, Jog 5 Yards, followed by 30 seconds rest.
Repeato 10x = 100 Burpees!! SOLID!

Mosey to Baseball field for a little Mary Ab-O-Rama

15 x Flutter IC
20 x LBC IC

Mosey to EE’s Special Pain Circle with Varied runs along the Way!
Karaoke Left
Karaoke Right
Backwards Run
Forwards Butt Kickers
High Knees
Bear Crawl
Crab Walk


Alright Fellas!! Time for 30 minutes of Pain Goes Like this:

15 Stations (Toys Including KB’s, Dumbells, Pack O’Shingles, Sleds, Plates, PVC Pipes, Mini-Trampoline, “Grandma’s Walker” Workout Center and Famous HH Tunes) – 30 Minutes – Sled-Burners are Time Keeper & Switch when complete

Station 1 – Horse’s Methane Sled-Burners – ~ 35 yards apart down and back(Time Keeper)
Station 2 – Counter Top’s 2-Handed KB Swingers AMRAP(various weighted KB’s)
Station 3 – Glass Joe’s Punch Out AMRAP (w/ 10 lb Dumb Bells as fast as possible)
Station 4 – Zip’s Whatever Yard Dash (~80 yards, forward up, run backwards back)
Station 5 – Turnpike’s New Jersey BombJacks – AMRAP
Station 6 – Hair Band’s Rockin’ Hair Burners – 45# plates ~ 35 yards apart
Station 7 – Double E’s “How Low Can You Go” Shingle Squats AMRAP w/ Bundle of Shingles Duct Taped
Station 8 – Drop Thrill’s Rockness Thrusters AMRAP – w/ 30lb Dumb Bell Ground to Overhead Thrusters
Station 9 – Donut Hole’s Speed Rope-A-Dope AMRAP – Speed Jump Rope
Station 10 – Shepard’s Burpee-Mania AMRAP – Yes More Burpees
Station 11 – Electric Slide’s Pipe Jump AMRAP – 3 PVC pipes ~ 3′ apart side jumps front back etc
Station 12 – Late Show’s Lunge Yo Legs Off AMRAP – Walking/Stationary Lunges w/ 2 x 25lb KB’s
Station 13 – Spielberg’s KB Flutter-Press AMRAP – w/ 25lb KB or 30lb Dumb Bell
Station 14 – Snowman’s Merkin-Mania AMRAP
Station 15 – Steak-Umm’s 6-Pack O’Abs LBC’s AMRAP

Finish off with 1 MOM
20 x LBC’s
Protractor Countdown – 90, then 60 down to 1



Excellent work by all today. HH’s Century Burpee-fest and EE’s Pain Circle proved to be an Xtreme recipe for a Burner workout! Not a lot of Mumblechatter amongst the PAX, but all performed at a very high level. Some speedsters on the Snow Sleds (Sled-Burners) (notably those under 9 years old) as well as some massive failure going on. Some have a deep hatred of these things by now. The 45# Golds Gym plates are still very sticky and that makes them suck-so-good even more!


– Electric Slides Wife progressing very well. Keep ES’s M and ES Family in your prayers.
– Drop Thrills mother still in hospital – Prayers needed for DT’s family and Mama DT!
– Continued Prayers for Zip! We are all Here for you Brother!
– Overdrive may converge 11/28 – More Info to Come

Always Enjoy Sharing the Pain of the Outland and Growing with you Gentlemen!!

Double E & Horse Head

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Glass Joe
9 years ago

Great job gents! I’m feeling it! No Overdrive convergence for Friday. We’ll meet at 5:30 as always and I’m on Q this Friday. Eat heartily Thursday as we’ll be turkey trotting it off Friday.

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

I think I’m going to be sick Friday after all… 😉

Great beatdown. My arm still isn’t up to burpees these days, I felt for you guys on burpee ladder of doom. Not so much that I wished I could participate, but you know, empathy. lol

All that work on my six was already showing up last night getting up and down from a seated position.

Thanks for your prayers. I know God is working, I just have to be still and know He is God and He is in charge.

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