Monkey Bar Mythbusters

  • When:11/21/14
  • QIC: The Late Show
  • The PAX: Hairband, The Late Show (Qic)

Monkey Bar Mythbusters

Good mornin!!  Let’s do a Hairband mile or two to get the blood moving.
Circle up and off we go with some side straddle hops and imperial walkers. Done.
Let’s mosey and explore. Off we go towards the elementary school (stop along the way for some rail slides and plank work).

At the playground:
(15) sec of supine rows
(15) sec of squats
(15) sec of push-ups
(15) sec of lunges
Rinse and repeat till YHC lost track of rounds.

Partner up.  I choose Hairband!
P1 hangs on to the monkey bars while P2 runs a lap.  Flapjack, rinse & repeat.

Then on to a quick round of (20) each:
Donkey kicks in swing
Step ups
Carolina dry docks

Time to cruise back to the middle school.  Watch out for puddles. Whoops. Too late. (And it was a cold, icy puddle)

Stop along the way for our shoes to dry and some peoples chair, reverse planks, dips. And just because it was there: a quick downhill bear crawl down Middle School Mtn.  Top those off with some lunges and then some 2 MOM and we are done.

Since Glass Joe stayed in the sack with his new furry slippers/kittens, HB and I went on a little exploration of the campus.  We took advantage of the lighted elementary school playground to conduct our own little Mythbusters experiment.  You know that scene in the movies where the hero hangs on to the ledge while the villain waxes on (and on and on) poetically?  I don’t know how HB fared, but YHC would plunge to his demise after about 20 seconds.  The downhill bear crawl / while breathing in the bus diesel fumes was a delightful combination that everyone should experience.

Closed our time with prayer.

Black Friday version of Overdrive is good to go with Glass Joe on Q

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Drop Thrill
9 years ago

When two or more are there…

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