Man Training at Day Zero

  • When:11/22/2014
  • QIC: Jamboree, Bugeater
  • The PAX: Teddy, Dear Abby (26 - War Baby), Stone Cold, The Mouth, Garbonzo, Radar, Frazier, Flutie Flakes, Baracus, Blades of Glory (War Daddy), Bugeater (QIC), Jamboree (QIC)

Man Training at Day Zero

12 pax did what pax do. The place it was done was McAlpine Elementary. The goal of YHC and co-Q Jamboree was to bring some of this, a little of that, and a lot in between. We were striving for tired muscles and some good burn. It went something like this.

COP:  SSH x 25, IW x 20, MC x 20

Mosey to Benches: Step Ups x 10, Broad jumps x 10, Jump Squats x 10 (2 sets)

Mosey to fields for Iron Horse Special: 40-Yd Merkin There & Back 20,19,18…4,3,2,1

40-Yard There and Back Pyramid:

Do 4 exercises at each side (Plank Jack, HTH, V-Sit, Dolly & Back) x 5,10,15,10,5

Partner Up for Prairie Fire Mary: L, C, R x 10

Hand off to Jamboree at the half way mark for his appropriately named 4 CORNERS OF P (Fast Mosey to each corner):

CORNER 1 (basketball court): 12 Makthar Ndiaye IC, hold 6 inches, 24 Flutters IC, hold 6 inches

CORNER 2 (far corner of school): With Rock 12 Deep Squats, 12 Overhead presses,12 Tricep extensions, 12 Curls

CORNER 3 (Right front of school): Wall Sit with 72 Air Presses IC

CORNER 4 (Left front of school): OYO 12 Double Merkin Burpees

CORNER 5: 12 Manmaker Merkins IC Hold 6 inches, 24 Flutters IC Hold 6 inches

CORNER 6: With Rock 12 Deep Squats, 12 Overhead presses,12 Tricep extensions, 12 Curls

CORNER 7: 24 Donkey kicks

CORNER 8: 12 HR Burpees

CORNER 9: 12 Rock Hoppers IC, Hold 6 inches, 24 Russian Twists IC

CORNER 10: With Rock 12 Deep Squats, 12 Overhead presses,12 Tricep extensions, 12 Curls

CORNER 11: Step ups 12 each leg, Wall Sit Hold L. leg up X 2, Hold R. leg up X 2, Hold 30 sec.

CORNER 12: 12 Burpees

Circle Back Up for Finale: Finish at b-ball court 24 Bicycles IC, hold 6 inches for 30 seconds

Count-o-rama: 1,2,3…10,11,12

Name-o-rama: Teddy, Dear Abby…Jamboree


Well, it started with 11 strong and punctual men but finished with 12 eventually.  Record tardy and coming in with such fresh energy (hate).  The frozen ground caused some men to get tougher today though it took working through mumble chatter brought on by temporary weakness. The iron went to work and began to sharpen the iron and gloveless Garbonzo somehow forced out 200 merkins on the Iron Horse Special.  This exercise was a real fan favorite and at 17,16,15 the pax began to call out form and other chatter to take their mind of the slow constant burn that was overtaking the shoulder and chest (and fingers). Legs, Chest, Stomach, Shoulders were all targeted and destination hurtfultown was achieved. By the halfway turn, YHC questioned if a Q has ever tapped out and went home when completing his part…what Jamboree added to finish certainly did finish and extract and use up ALL of what every pax had left. Great partnering Jamboree. You and I concocted an evil and merciless wienke.

A story was told by an un-named member of the pax about a Catch Me if You Can Game that was played on another un-named pax not at this workout who’s name rhymes with Riger Tag. This story involves the un-named pax to disappear behind a tree while Riger Tag went running and running and not catching and into some sort of barking and yawping at said un-named target. Who says we can’t have fun in the gloom? Classic!

Also, Stone Cold asks Radar how’s the “training” going? Not knowing what he was talking about I simply asked if the training was on how to be a man? Honest enough question. It was later found out that Radar is preparing for Kiawah Marathon that he and others such as Purple Haze, Frazier, Soul Glow would be running. No comment on the Spackler banter, aside from his being the host and there for the drinks. A very important role by the way. Fellowship is important man!

Oh, last how could we forget the Grab a Rock. After YHC has been getting back into the workout groove so was quite taxed at hand off to Jamboree. My rock caught some attention. I really thought it was appropriate and was modified to mirror how I felt at the moment:



Before recording… I forgot who is Qing next Saturday at DayZero (The Mouth & ???)

Christmas Party – 12/5 – SIGN UP, deadline target was 11/20, but can still get in

Joe Davis Run – Sign up

Church on The Street or Sunday morning 12/6/2014 at 6:30 AM. Older 2.0’s works.

Shoe Delivery to Charlotte Rescue Mission – we hit 400 shoes!


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9 years ago

That sounds pretty brutal! Sorry I missed it. No seriously. I would much have done that than the hairburner/kettlebellfest led by that Riger Tag fellow before Q school.

The Mouth
The Mouth
9 years ago

Eat heavily on Thursday… The Mouth and Strange Brew will burn it all off you next Saturday at Day Zero!

9 years ago

I am soooo looking forward to next Saturday. Team Seafood BBQ will be on point. You better tell Passport the girls will be hollerin’!

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