Triple Stack and a Nickel

  • When:11/21/2014
  • QIC: Mermaid
  • The PAX: Checkpoint (KB-WD), Margo, Smash, Rip Curl, Chelms (KB), Steinbrenner, Snowflake, Titan (KB), Bout time (WB), Boutique, Hannibal, Dory, Abacus (KB), Brushback (KB), Cadillac (KB)

Triple Stack and a Nickel

VSF planted.  6 for KB prior to the main event.  Weather conditions probably the best of the week.  PAX were ready to hit it hard at Centurion.  Disclaimer given.  Circled up where we stood.



SSH x 10 IC

Mountain Climber x 10 IC

Merkin x 10 IC

Short mosey to the north end of the parking lot.  Find a partner.

Partner Stack

Partner 1 does  a lap around the football field.  Partner 2 does called exercise.  Swap.  Keep a cumulative count to hit the target number per 2-man team.  Target=100 burpees.  Several pax did additional burpees to wait for six.  SSH x 15 IC.

Mosey through campus up to shopping center at 51 and Carmel.  Plank-o-rama.  Find your partner.

Partner Stack

Partner 1 does a lap at shopping center.  Run up stairs and across the 2nd level.  Down stairs and back to launch.  Partner 2 does called exercise.  Swap until target hit.  Target=200 merkins.


Mosey back toward CCHS and cross 51 at crosswalk.  SSH x 15 IC.  Continue mosey to Palatine Hill.  LBC x 20 IC.  Heels to Heaven x 20 IC.

Partner Stack

Partner 1 runs to top of Palatine and back down.  Partner 2 does called exercise.  Swap until target hit.  Target=60 Low Slow Squats.

Triple Nickel

Run to top of hill.  5 Jump Squat.  Run to bottom.  5 Jump Squat.  5 repetitions.

Mosey back to CCHS campus launch lot.  Line up.  AYG 100-yard sprint.  Squats OYO upon arrival.  AYG 100-yard sprint.  COT


Site-Q Chelms and YHC dressed in identical attire.  Good group for pre-KB today.  Great to have Titan join us.  Strong work today.  Always a pleasure brother.  Glad to see Snowflake, Dory, and Smash back in action at Centurion.  A few of the KB guys mentioned that it was a lot of shoulder work when 200 merkins were called after the burpees.  Checkpoint, Brushback, Chelms were Larry Bird on the Triple Nickel.  Brushback demonstrated some serious fast twitch on the sprints.  He was flying.  Bout time displaying physical prowess repeatedly at Centurion.  Glad to have you with us.  Margo back in action and crushing it after a short break.  Checkpoint gave T-claps to Brushback after sprints and mentioned he did not have much fast twitch left.  Titan quickly asked about his 1/2 marathon time for Thunder Road.  Impressive.  T-claps to Rip Curl, Steinbrenner, and Cadillac who pushed hard for 45.  Abacus, Hannibal, and  Boutique tore it up out there as usual.  We covered a lot of ground.  Great job today and a pleasure to lead a fine group of men in the gloom.  Snowflake took us out in BOM.  Thank you brother.


Sign up for the Joe Davis Memorial Run.  1/10/2015.  Check website for a link.

Team Chepul Hill.  Join the Chepul brothers and several F3 brothers, family, and friends for a race 03/21/2015 at Marshall Park in uptown.  Money collected for brain cancer research.  See link below in the comments from Chelms.

Tutoring at Billingsville and AG Middle School.  More men needed.  Chelms is Q.

Checkpoint has Q at Muthaship on Monday and invited all to attend.


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Chelms aka Tatertot
9 years ago

Thanks in advance for supporting our family in the event to raise funds for brain cancer research. Let me know if this link does not work.

Chelms aka Tatertot
9 years ago

Oh yeah – the workout sucked. I lured BB into KB work with the promise that Mermaid would take it easy on us and then he whips out can of whoop a#$ on us. Palantine with jump squats was hurtful. At least I didn’t bring my birthday present this am.

9 years ago

Serious smokefest Mermaid.That was not fun; but we all got stronger! The only person that likes burning out the quads more than you is Purple Haze.

Solid crew out today. Come back out next Friday for my Q.

9 years ago

Solid Q, Mermaid. Shoulders were smoked after the merkins. Running with noodles attached to me.

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