Skunkworks – Baby It’s Cold Outside

  • When:11/18/14
  • QIC: Harley
  • The PAX: Sussudio, Cottonmouth, Bananas, Header, Hairband, Bulldog, Splinter, Good Hands, Fletch, Brushback, Gummy, Stone Cold, Wabbit, Freedom, Runstopper, Sanka, Baracus, Harley

Skunkworks – Baby It’s Cold Outside

18 hearty men ignored the frost warning and got after it as Skunkworks.

– 30 two-handed swings
– Merkins
– 40 two-handed swings
– Imperial walkers
– 50 two-handed swings
– 10 double burpees OYO (2 merkins, 2 jumps)
– 40 two-handed swings
– 10 one legged deadlifts each leg OYO
– 30 two-handed swings (forearms screaming)

KB Bus Sprints
– Mosey to parking lot, partner up with same size KB
– Partner 1: sprint to last bus and back, Partner 2: KB exercise; wait for whole group to finish each leg
– #1: Snatch
– #2: Goblet squat w/ 2 KB
– #3: Tricep press
– #4: Rows w/ 2 KB
– #5: KB lunges w/ KB pressed over head using one arm
– #6: High pulls
– #7: Bench press w/ 2 KB in bridge position
– #8: Russian Twist / Louganis

The plan was to get warm in a hurry but the breeze kept it cold throughout. Great work out there today. It was an honor to lead.

— Harley

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High Tide
8 years ago

Looks like a good one, Harley. Hate I missed it. Woke up at 5:31… #alarmclockfail

8 years ago

Great lead Harley. Salty old tenured group of PAX as well. The group this morning are probably F3rs for an average 2+ years. That’s always fun to show up (late) and see that many familiar ugly faces. Good stuff!

Hair Band
Hair Band
8 years ago

Great lead Harley!

This short stocky body never seems to get out of 2nd gear when running is involved but through it all, it’s the encouragement of the PAX that makes this all work. Appreciate you guys!

If you ever make it down to Overdrive or Outland when I lead at least you will know to expect minimal running miles. There are plenty of ways to bring a downPAINment though.

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