The Murph, Lifting and Running.

Teddy, Purple Haze, Frazier, Bugeater, Semi Gloss, Jamboree

The Thang

Mosey around the track for a warm up


20X – SSH – CAD

15X – Imperial Walker – CAD

The Murph – 1 mile run, 100 pull ups, 200 push ups, 300 Squats 1 mile run

Partner work – Rock lifting

Round 1 – One partner runs while the other partner does curls – 200 collectively

Round 2 – One partner runs while the other partner does chest press – 150 collectively

Circle up and everyone get a rock

Round 1 – 20 cad – YHC  can’t remember Rotate rocks

Round 2 – 15 cad – Bent over rows – Rotate rocks

Round 3 – 15 cad – Skull Crushers –

Round 4 – 20 cad – Russian twist with the rocks – Back to the original rock

Round 5 – Curl – Cad – till failure – 30 ish

Mary – Dolly – 25 – LBC’s 25


Apologies for the delay in sending.  YHC was feeling under the weather on Sunday partly due to football and brown water. #pimpinainteasy.

As I approached the AO at 6:55 and didn’t see anyone with the exception of three cars I figured the cold has pushed some of the pax to sleep OR possibly to Thunderoad.  #tistheseason.  Haze and Frazier had come early to get in their 12 miler before the workout.  I can only assume that their fear was my workout wasn’t going to be strong enough for them.  Jamboree also came early and added a few miles to his day as well.  Strong work.

Earlier this week YHC and Haze were talking about the workout and I decided to do the Murph as I have not done it yet and wanted to see what it was all about.  I now realize why I haven’t done it.  There was a LOT of MUMBLE chatter about the workout and several comments about how a few people should have gone to the rock instead.  Anyways we were off.  I was by far the slowest one out there so the rest of the Pax were already through have of their exercises before I got back.  Teddy and Frazier along with Haze, Bug and Jamboree were running their second mile when I had to call mine early because I didn’t want anyone sitting around.  Also I was beat.

We started the lifting circuit and more semi-refusniks were speaking up.  The lifting became too much for some.  Once we got to the circle of rocks and begin the rotation I felt that we needed to get some arm work in.  I always like to rotate on the rocks to give everyone a chance to use a heavy one.  The curls till failure was a favorite of mine, Jamboree and Bugeater kept it alive.  Great work to everyone.

Announcements –

Joe Davis Run – Sign up. Also go to the pay pal link online and donate to Coffeteria.  Anything helps so please assist

Christmas Party – SIGN UP. You have until the 20th.


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9 years ago

Awesome lead. Man my arms still hurt. Sleeveless in those temps was something else. Actually did enjoy the murph. As measuring stick my first mile was 8 minutes, the 100/200/300 was 16 minutes, tr second mile 8 1/2 minutes, leaving a lot of time on Saturday to get me to nearly total failure.

Jamboree you and I got co-Q next week. Look forward to it!

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