Anything to get out of burpees!

  • When:11/14/2014
  • QIC: Bulldog
  • The PAX: Big League Chew, Beaver, Spackler, Sussudio, Tiger Rag, Busch, Sanka, Good Hands, Brown, Chanel, Ickabud, Bananas, Alf, Splinter, Geraldo, Flutie Flakes, Donkey Kong, The Bus, Horseheeead, Bulldog

Anything to get out of burpees!

20 men came to Kevlar ready for a workout to get the blood flowing as the first taste of Old Man Winter came a calling.


10 burpees OYO
Mosey to bottom of hill
IW x 15
Pike push ups x 8
Alt Lunges x 15
10 burpees OYO
Split into 4 groups
Group 1 – sprint to top of hill
Group 2 – steps ups/jumps ups on benches
Group 3 – tri dips in porch
Group 4 – burpees
Sprint to top of hill. However many pax the Q beats equals burpees. 11 burpees OYO
Repeat to flag pole – 6 burpees OYO.
Tire work – 45 secs on 15 rest (20 stations)
4 mins of Mary


A strong showing today along with an almost festive atmosphere at Kevlar. Mumblechatter started pre-workout with Brown and Bananas getting some stick for the choice of ski gear as well as Sanka and Chanel sporting matching spandex tights. As a Q sometimes you try and throw in something new but the saying “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” came into play with the introduction (and eventually mockery) of the “pike pushup.” Fair enough its almost like the bear hump but at least it works the chest out unlike the bear hump which I have never understood the body part its meant for…
After a couple of rotations at the bottom of the hill a call was made to sprint all out to the top of the hill. Burpees were on the line for anyone not beating the Q. Not being a huge burpee fan Tiger Rag decides the only way to get out of 20 burpees was to eliminate the Q altogether. After the merest of trips and in true Euro soccer style yours truly took a massive spill along with several rolls while clutching my face. After quickly realizing we were not on a soccer field and with no cards to be brandished it was time to get up quickly and beat 11 of the pax to the top of the hill. Cheaters never prosper.
Over to the tires for a workout in the parking lot which encompassed about every exercise one could ever use with something so simple. Billy Joel and burnt rubber wafted through the morning air as Brown talked about smoking Marlboros and Splinter sat back wanting to get this all on the next F3 promo video.
Hats off to The Bus for his first posting at Kevlar. Great job also on all of the shoes collected for the Charlotte Rescue Mission.
Announcements: Commitment starts tomorrow at 7 am at Weddington High School – get out there for tomorrow’s launch.

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9 years ago

Good hard workout Bulldog aka Wanker aka Flopper. Boys, make sure you’re EH’ing any of your buddies that live out in Marvin/Waxhaw/Blakeney area. We have an awesome site on Wednesday at Dromedary and would love to grow it with FNG’s that need F3. Pick them up at 5:15 and drag them out next week. I’m on Q next week.. Bring em out.

9 years ago


You put a lot of effort into setting up these Kevlar workouts and we take that for granted sometimes. Thanks for making this a fun Friday site.


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