A leisurely stroll around Charlotte Christian

  • When:11/14/14
  • QIC: Voodoo
  • The PAX: Header, John Deere, Section 8, Freedom, Brushback, Double Ds, Mr. Brady, Smokey, Baracus, Les Mis, Uncle Leo, Stone Cold, Lobsta Roll, Voodoo (Q)

A leisurely stroll around Charlotte Christian

14 beasts decided not to #fartsack despite the latest Polar Vortex, most likely because of YHC’s guarantee of an “epic-er” beatdown than #F3Kevlar. After an implied disclaimer (everyone looked experienced – ie, no blank stares), we headed to the football field for:

The Thang

Mosey to the track for a warm up lap.

Mosey to the 50 yard line for COP:

  • SSH x 25 IC
  • Burpees x 5 OYO
  • IW x 20 IC
  • Burpees x 5 OYO
  • Mountain Climber x 25 IC
  • Burpees x 5 OYO
  • Slow squats x 20 IC

Mosey to the stadium stairs for 11s: 10 dips at the top with 1 step up per leg at the bottom. Continue until you get to 1 dip at the top with 10 step ups per leg at the bottom. #QAudible: YHC wasn’t expecting backs on the bleachers, so we split up and used the aisles with some starting at the top and others at the bottom. I don’t think we had any collisions…

Mosey to Grandma Mountain for the triple nickel :

  • 5 pull ups at the top
  • 5 merkins at the bottom
  • 5 times through

Mosey to the goal line for a merkin pyramid:

  • 5 merkins, 1x sprint to the 20 and back
  • 10 merkins, 2x sprint to the 20 and back
  • 15 merkins, 3x sprint to the 20 and back
  • 10 merkins, 2x sprint to the 20 and back
  • 5 merkins, 2x sprint to the 20 and back

Cool down lap around the track, then break for the cars for 6MOM:

  • LBCs x 25 IC
  • Heels to Heaven x 25 IC
  • Superman for +/- :30
  • LSF x 25 IC
  • Rosalitas x 20 IC
  • 10 burpees OYO
  • Plank for merkin wave (thanks, Header). Everyone planks up each of the PAX calls “down” and drops to 6 inches. After going around the circle, each PAX calls “up” and goes back up. We went around a few times, including one where we went up halfway. #Ouch

COT – Thanks for taking us out, Header.

Naked Moleskine

Thanks to the PAX for coming out for my first boot camp Q and suffering through the various audibles. Hopefully everyone left the workout feeling they got their money’s worth. If not, see Header for a refund.

I tried to include a lot of my least favorite exercises in this workout (running, pull ups, merkins, burpees, etc.) so I was in a self-induced pain fog for most of the workout, but noticed several of the PAX crushing the workout. Congrats to Freedom who has been coming out to the moderate workouts for a few months and is in his second week of “regular” workouts. As anyone can tell you, it never gets easy, but it gets easier. Keep coming out and you’ll be doing a Mud Run, 5K, etc. before you know it.


1) Area 51 Christmas Party – HC by 11/20. Details: http://goo.gl/a8jYLf

2) #SoleRedemption ends 11/22 – One more week to contribute shoes. Details: http://goo.gl/gBEkAn Stone Cold (I think) delivered a huge pile of shoes this morning, including a few that push the boundaries of “workout shoes.” Keep ’em coming so Header doesn’t have to #fartsack wear short sleeves all winter. #BadBet

3) Joe Davis Run (1/10/15) – Sign up now to benefit a great cause in memory of Rock Thrill’s brother. Area 51 is going for a big turnout, so wear your F3 gear. Details: http://goo.gl/Y9R6rR

4) Thunder Road Marathon is this weekend. There will be a number of F3 men out there, so get out there and cheer them on.

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