The Beast Runs Loose on Peak 51

  • When:11/13/14
  • QIC: Simba
  • The PAX: Dumpster Fire, Pele, Tawney, Hacker, Peeper, Good Hands, Geraldo, joker, Drop Thrill, Insomniac, Sensei, Slim Fast, Robin Hood and Simba (QIC)

The Beast Runs Loose on Peak 51

14 men gathered in the gloom to summit Peak 51.

Here is the play by play:

Mosey to the Lot behind the school where the pax were sufficiently disclaimed.

SSH x 25
Low Slow Squat x 25
Mountain Climbers x 25
IW x 25

Mosey to the parking lot behind the church The beast in the parking lot. As promised on twitter the beast reared it’s head on the Peak 51.
(6 exercises at two light posts and the end of the curb, then flip it and do them on the way back too)
-Jump Squats
-and finished strong with Burpees (crowd favorite). To be honest the first ones to finish only did 30 Burpees, #groupmofification but there was revolt in the air so I didn’t press it.

Mosey to the retaining wall located in the corridor behind the school and next to the theater.
Partner up, Partner 1 runs a lap around the theater, Partner 2 does AMRAP of called exercises until partner arrives, flapjack.
Round 1: Step Ups/Jump ups
Round 2: Dips
Round 3: Derkins

Stumble to the parking lot behind school: Choose your own adventure.  Partner one either pushes partner (who is applying resistance), or does a partner carry.  Flapjack at first light post then finish at second light post.

Mosey to the Hill beside the Baseball field for 7’s on hill
Squats at the bottom of the hill,
Merkins at the Top.

Mosey back to parking lot, head down an alley that opens to a gate, yet the gate is locked…Turn back, Run behind theater, AYG from the back of the lot to the cars.


The Holy-Roller-Moleskine:

-Good work by the PAX out there this morning. We pushed pretty hard and everybody did great.  Some speedsters of note: Joker was fleet footed and helped by some special gas propelled moments, Geraldo is posting everywhere including Fast Twitch and it shows, Peeper has only been posting for 3 weeks and he was giving Joker a run for his money, Although Good Hands has a back that would not allow him to partner carry you couldn’t tell on the runs he’s definitely getting faster.

-A group has been gathering weekly for a pre-run: Not sure YHC can name everyone because I was not there, but based on those that were huffing and sweating when I arrived it appeared to be: Slim Fast, Geraldo, Sensei and Good Hands…word on the street is Good Hands set a 2 Mile PR.  Good work.

-On the way back to the parking lot YHC tried to take a shortcut but the gate was locked.  Or was I just testing your willingness to follow the Q into the unknown?  Were it a test you would have passed, however it was just a mistake!

-While this was an eerily quiet crowd, A highlight was certainly when Slim Fast broke into song during the Plankorama, Singing to the tune of Hallelujah from Handel’s Messiah.  Tis the season.  Best part was when a teacher arrived and SF just kept rolling.  Loved it.

-Thanks to SF and Geraldo for the opportunity to Q.  Enjoyed it.


-F3 Area 51 Christmas Party is 12/6, sign up by Nov 20.

-Joe Davis Run: More info and sign up link here:

-#SoleRedemption: Bring them to DT at the Launch of Commitment in Union Co this Saturday.  If you have no commitment you can bring them to me at Base Camp on Monday!

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9 years ago

Solid Q Simba and strong work by the PAX. Nice use of the AO, even discovered an alley, #AnimalHouseMarchingBand.

Drop Thrill
9 years ago

It’s a good thing we moseyed out of there, I think that teacher was calling security.

Great Q Simba.

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