Eight Minute Plank?

  • When:11/12/14
  • QIC: John Deere
  • The PAX: Bono, Bridges, Dick Clark, Snowflake, Baracus, Wabbit, Ichabod, John Deere (QIC)

Eight Minute Plank?

imageYou’ve heard of 8 minute abs right?  John Deere had a new idea that is going to blow that out of the water.

The Thang:

Mosey around track (1/4 mile); heels to butt, high knees; karaoke

Various reps with 5 burpees in between:

  • 25 SSH
  • 25 Imperial walker
  • 20 merkins
  • 25 LBC
  • 25 windmill
  • 25 maktar ngye
  • 25 heels to heaven
  • 25 plank jacks

Line up on the goal line for 11s

  • 1 Merkin / 10 jump squats
  • Run to the 50 yd line
  • 2 Merkins / 9 jump squats
  • Run back to the goal line
  • 3 Merkins / 8 jump squats…
  • continue until 10 Merkins / 1 jump squat

Crabwalk / Bearcrawls

  • Crabwalk to 25 yrd line; bearcrawl back
  • Repeat, going to 15 yrd line; 10 yrd line; 5 yrd line

Hold plank for 8 minutes…no make that 2 minutes; 5 burpees

Tabata:  40 seconds of plankjacks; 20 seconds rest:  4 minutes

50 LBCs

Naked Moleskin:

DDs was supposed to be our QIC today but had to make other arrangements when his M had to go out of town.  John Deere gratefully accepted the honors and led 7 other men into the gloom on a fine Wednesday morning.

JD had some nice tricks in store for us, including a burpee laden COP, and a new twist on 11s that YHC had not done before.  I’m also quickly finding out that every workout at the Charge must include a healthy dose of crab walks and bear crawls.  Well, at least the crab walks were of the normal variety this morning and not the crab wheel barrows that DDs unleashed the week before.  No matter…YHC doesn’t do crab walks…#refusenik.

And then we arrived at the pivotal moment of the workoug.  JD thought he had a new way to under cut the 8 Minute Abs workout video…The 8 Minute Plank!  Brilliant!!  This has to go viral… an even BETTER Ab workout…so simple…so powerful…so…RIDICULOUSLY HARD!!!  At the two minute mark the audible was called and we regressed to burpees.  JD…this product is not ready for the mass market yet…needs a little more work.  #lookedgoodonpaper

Overall a great workout by JD this morning.  Thanks for stepping in for DDs this morning…AND bringing the tunes!  For those of you that have been racking your brains so you could search the playlist on iTunes, here you go..

  • All These Things That I’ve Done     Killers
  • Breakout   Foo Fighters
  • Shout it Out Loud    Kiss
  • In Bloom     Nirvana
  • All My Life     Foos
  • Walk              Foos
  • Monkey Wrench    Foos
  • These Days           Foos
  • Jump Around          House of Pain
  • The Adventures of Rain Dance Sally       Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • By the Way      Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • Adam’s Song    Blink 182


Bring your friends next week…especially those that haven’t yet gotten a taste of The Charge!  YHC will donate a pair of used men’s workout shoes for each site FNG.

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9 years ago

Great job John Deere! Always a pleasure to post at The Charge. Painful, yes, but a pleasure.
And the crab walk #refusenik missed a lap of crab walks to the 20 above.
Must have been between a lot and a ton of burpees, even at 5 a crack. They were relentless…..

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