Catch me if you can

  • QIC: Frasier
  • The PAX: Purple Haze (WD), Geraldo, Semi Gloss, Soul Glow, Turkey Leg, Mr. Brady, Prohibition, Splinter, Horsehead, Kiper, Frasier (Q)

Catch me if you can

Eleven brave men decided to forgo the fartsack and come out for some running.  Catch me if you can was promised and delivered.  It was a great group of men and many BRR veterans and a few future BRRers.  

The Thang: Instructions were given and off we went into the gloom.  The Pax did a nice mosey for a mile down to Woodfox to the Rounding Run Rd loop.  We did a series of warmup exercises to get our muscles primed for the experience at the corner of Rounding Run Rd.

The Pax was asked to run at their target 10K pace in preparation for the Joe Davis Memorial run. Each Pax as they crossed the finish line of the Rounding Run Rd loop was asked to count the seconds between when they finished and the next Pax came across.  Once everyone was through the field was inverted so the Pax that finished last started first.  Each Pax after that started based upon how many seconds they finished in front of the next Pax that crossed the line.  The idea was to have everyone stagger and then finish at the same time.  The penalty for getting passed was five merkins at the end.

We did this loop a total of four times at a timed pace.  The last loop you had to add five seconds to your start time based upon how many Pax you passed on the third loop.  As I am writing this it sounds confusing but luckily it worked out during the workout.

We did a cool down run around the loop for a total of six times around the loop and then an Indian run back to the launch point.

Moleskin: Great effort out of everyone there today.  I felt everyone was giving full effort.  It always helps to run as a group and also be able to chase someone.  Even the RFYL group was giving us props.

It was nice seeing some of the Pax that has not posted at Fast Twitch lately there today.  Hope you keep coming out.


Joe Davis Memorial Run sign up.  Please help contribute to the coffeteria as well.

Don’t forget to sign up for the Area 51 X-mas party.

Thanks Mr. Brady for the take out for remembering our veterans.  Thanks for all that have served, are serving and future commitments.

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Purple Haze
9 years ago

As much as I love the WD title, it did not belong to me today…Mr. Brady has me by a solid two years. But thanks for telling me in such a subtle way that I looked old out there this morning Frasier.

Chelms aka Tatertot
Reply to  Purple Haze
9 years ago

Probably assigned you the title based on your gait. I’m still trying to get ankle 100% or would have taken the title for you since my gait clearly designatew me as the WD at most workouts.

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