Where two or more are gathered…..

  • When:11/08/14
  • QIC: Glass Joe
  • The PAX: Hairband, Glass Joe (QIC)

Where two or more are gathered…..

Posted on behalf of GJ

After a late Thursday night text from CT that he was either still at work Uptown or celebrating Uptown, we had a late Q switch from CT to Glass Joe.  We knew the crowd would be sparse due to some work schedules and PAX volunteering at the Unionville Elementary BBQ.  We didn’t know it would be a crowd of 2.  Jesus said where two or more are gathered, He is in the midst.  In F3 lexicon, I think that translates to where two or more are gathered, the gloom awaits.  Off we go.

The Thang….

Two Hairband miles (Are Hairband miles in the official lexicon yet?  They should be.)


SSH x 20
IW x 20 (A cadence with two is sort of awkward)
Squats x 20 (No cadence – Awkwardness won out)

To the hill for some Jacob’s Ladder but let’s do backwards run up instead x 5

 Mosey to the back road for some Road Less Traveled and car dodging:

Lunges x 10
Burpees x 10
Lunges x 10 (CAR!!!!!)
Merkins x 20
Lunges x 10
Burpees x 10 (CAR!!!!!)
Lunges x 10
Squats x 20
Lunges x 10

Army Situps x 10…..er, scratch that as there are only two of us, LBCs x 20. No #awkwardmantouches

Lunges x 10
Bear Crawl (CAR!!!!!)
Lunges x 10
Burpees x 10
Lunges x 10
LBCs x 40
Lunges x 10
Burpees x 10

Let’s mosey down the back road for a grand finish of the Road Less Traveled:

An HB appreciated half-scalded monkey (CAR!!!!!)

Mosey back to the parking lot with some karaoke mixed in.  Indian runs with two are officially a #FAIL.

Jacob’s Ladder backwards run x 5

Hairband Mile




Though there were only two, there was no less intensity.   And for that I am grateful.  George Washington said this: “Discipline is the soul of an army.  It makes small numbers formidable; procures success to the weak, and esteem to all.”

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DT’s Mom


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Glass Joe
9 years ago

You should come run with Double E and I tonight. It will work all that soreness out!

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