Run And Guns!

  • When:11/08/14
  • QIC: Hairband, Glass Joe
  • The PAX: Countertop, Horsehead, Boone Dock (2.0), The Late Show, Steak-umm, Curfew (FNG), Shepherd, Dream (Kotters), Glass Joe (QIC), Hairband (QIC)

Run And Guns!

Outland has tires?! Let’s mosey!

SSH x 20
IW x 20… next exercise is…. Disclaimer! (thanks HH)
Slow Squat

Mosey out to the side of the stadium to find TIRES!!! Partner up…
P1 flips tires out to end of dotted path and back P2 does called exercise until P1 returns 2 x per round then plank until all are done before next round, as follows:
1. Step ups
2. Dips
3. Decline Merkins
4. Squats

Various plank work and LBC’s mixed in for good measure.

Be good stewards of our new toys and put them back where they came from and hand off to GJ!

Glass Joe:
Now that we are done playing with tires, it’s time for the run part of the #runandguns workout.  Mosey to the track around the football field.

Partner up for some Devin Hester’s (100 yard catch me if you can). After round one, I had planned on doing a couple rounds of these but the track was busy with multiple users and being good neighbors, let’s mosey to the stadium instead.

Staiway To Heaven:

Partner 1 climbs the stairs twice while Partner 2 does a called exercise doing as many reps as possible.  Then partners switch and when Partner 2 finishes stair running, plank until all groups are finished.  Then the next exercise is called out and stair running commences again. Here’s the order of the exercises called out:


Burpees (Apparently The Late Show thought this would be a nice bookend finish to the Stairway to Heaven and was planning on how to break my ankles when he learned this was not the end.  #brotherhood)


 The track has cleared up some so let’s mosey back to the track.

The Runner’s High (I need an official name to this since I like to use it – let’s go with this until someone tells me it’s taken): One lap sprint on the track around the football field with a goal of 90 seconds or less.  In theory, the track is supposed to be a quarter mile thus you’d be on pace for a 6 minute mile if you do 90 seconds or less.

 The PAX are well gassed at this point so let’s mosey back towards the flag.

At the bottom of the hill, we do a jailbreak run back to the flag.


Dolly x 20
6 Inch Hold-Em Leg Lifts, 6 inch Hold-Em leg lifts spread wide, Back to 6 Inch Hold-Em Leg Lifts



HB: Ever since I heard a rumor about tires I have been itching to use them and today was the day! I have always appreciated Bulldogs creativity at Kevlar in the past doing circuits like this with tires so this was a great chance to bring the pain down south to the Outland.

GJ: The #runandguns workout was a huge success in soreness.  But the PAX were up to the task today and the synergy between tires, stairs, and sprints seemed to be a crowd pleaser.  No thanks necessary!!!

The FNG managed to secure the handle of Curfew.  Story behind that is Curfew dates Steak-Umm’s daughter.  Steak-Umm was instantly nervous about what name we would come up with but Curfew was said by HH and agreed upon by all.

Thanks to Shepherd for taking the group out in prayer.


Convergence at Weddington next Saturday at 6:30 to help #F3Commitment kick off

Prayers for Electric Slide’s wife and DT’s mom.

 Personal Note: I have been reminded twice in the last week of what #F3 is really all about.  One is the way the group has pulled together to try to support Electric Slide during this difficult time for his family.  The other is something I don’t want public in this forum but suffice to say, when the storm clouds of life are gathering all around, knowing you have brothers in arms beside you can help ride them out.  I am often reminded that Jesus valued #brotherhood so much that He surrounded Himself with 12 men during His ministry.  Life is hard but it’s harder without brothers right beside you.  Thank you men for the impact you are having on my life, this group of men and the community around us.

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Drop Thrill
9 years ago

DUDE! I wanted to play with the tires! We’ll have to do that again soon.

Missed you guys Saturday, but Ascent Q was a good experience… for me at least. There wasn’t much mumblechatter in south Charlotte after a while. 🙂

Mom is still in ICU and not doing good. Thank you for your continued prayers.

I’ll see you for the #clowncar posse Saturday.

Glass Joe
9 years ago

Missed you too DT! The tires were a blast and the SV football coach is going to give us some more ideas on things to do in that area (I go to church with him and he saw us out there Saturday morning). The fun has only just begun. Praying for Momma DT!!!!

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