The Charge – Under the Lights!

  • When:11/5/14
  • QIC: DD / Booty
  • The PAX: Carrier, Simba, Winterplace, Dick Clark, Hamlet, Bullwinkle, Bridges, Benefactor, Starfish, 50 shades, KY, Steinbrenner, Jordy, Big Top, Hannibal, Blue Rhino, Oswald, Dr.X, Baracus, Mutt, Kaiser, Pelleton, Ichabod, Wabbit, Bushwood, Kirk, Radio, John Deere, Blago, Blue, Sanka, Bulldog, Deep Quarters?, Tesla, Booty, DD…those that I miscaptured or missed (2) sound off in comments

The Charge – Under the Lights!

 38 strong men gathered on a perfect fall morning at Providence Day School for the 1-YR ANNIVERSARY of “THE CHARGE!”  This one was destined to be a good one when the lights came on in the stadium (thanks to Mutt).  Although I think during the workout a few might have rather had the lights off…there’s nowhere to hide under those bright lights.

DDs got us started…

The Thang:

  • X10 Burpees in parking lot then mosey down to the track at the stadium
  • 1 warm-up lap with side-to-sides, backward run, high knees, heels to butts, lunge walk, backward lunge walk
  • X20 SSH
  • X20 Imperial Walker
  • X20 Mountain Climbers
  • X20 Peter Parker
  • X20 Parker Peter
  • Plank
  • X20 LBCs
  • X20 Monkey Humpers
  • X20 Hill Billy’s

Partner up for some goal-line to goal-line fun:

  • 25 yd partner wheel-barrows flip flop for 100 yds total.
  • Partner carry 50 yds flip flop on way back
  • 25 yd partner crab-barrows flip flop for 100 yds total.
  • Partner carry 50 yds flip flop on way back

Hand-off to Booty to bring us home

Break into two groups; run 400, proceed to stadium steps and run steps, 10 burpees, run to track. Rinse and repeat 3x.  Mary including LBC, LBRosalita, Russian Twists, and 50 Freddie Mercurys.


Ye Olde Naked Man Moleskin:

  • Awesome crowd this morning to celebrate 1-year of The Charge.  Big thanks to pax from both Metro and Area 51 for making it happen.
  • Thanks Mutt for the lights and creating the “Football Friday night atmosphere”!
  • DDs…the crab-barrows were awful.  Just plain cruel.
  • Booty, tough to get 38 men to follow directions isn’t it?  Nevertheless…it was a more than sufficient beat-down.
  • I (Baracus) would comment on how strong some of the guys looked out front this morning, but too many in front of me to single any one out.  Nice work fellas!

Cheers to all the PAX out there this am for their support of our 1YR Anniversary!


  • Bring FNGs to The Charge next week and Baracus will donate a pair of lightly worn athletic shoes for #ShoeRedemption…for men at the Charlotte Rescue Mission.  Drive ends on 11/22.
  • Sign up for the Joe Davis Run on 1/10.  See for the pre blast and registration information.

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9 years ago

Whoa whoa. A Back Blast at The Charge? Good work BA! The Crab barrows were awful. Instant refusenik territory for the future. Mutt the lights were a nice touch. I felt like Matthew Saracen out there.

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