#F3Swift – This was a Fun Run?

  • When:11/4/14
  • QIC: Bratwurst
  • The PAX: Go Daddy, Stump Hugger, Mr. Bean, Wing_Man, Abacus, Skywalker, Soft Pretzel, Rock Thrill, Tiger Rag, Frasier, Bratwurst

#F3Swift – This was a Fun Run?

10 PAX launched from the Vine parking area at 0515.  Somewhere in the gloom, we picked up 1 unsuspecting PAX to join in on the Fun Run.

The Thang:

  • 10 minute mosey around Loch Ness and through some other parking lots to arrive at some drills – High Knees, Butt Kicks, A-Skip, B-Skip.
  • 4×1 mile at 10K pace (found here: http://runsmartproject.com/calculator) with at least 1:30 jog recovery – Follow the Isabella Santos 5K course for the 1st 3 intervals and then the IS 1mi Fun Run course for the 4th. Try to regroup as much as possible to start each 1 mile with a partner.
  • Mosey to COT.
  • Total miles SHOULD have been less than 6.2… #asadvertised

The Moleskin:

  • Nearly perfect conditions at 39 degrees and no wind – Tiger Rag didn’t need his handmuffs after a while, but Frasier did need his forearms covered.  A lot of skullcaps today but not pulled down tight over the ears.  If your Fall race is like this, it will be pretty nice.  Curious what to wear next time? Check out http://www.runnersworld.com/what-to-wear
  • Recording of the activity on Strava showed variations between those that didn’t start watch effectively w/ Tiger Rag – 3.7 miles – http://www.strava.com/activities/215419380, Wing_Man who will learn where the Lap/Split key is – 5.2 miles – http://www.strava.com/activities/215377095, Bratwurst who had to take a Kangaroo pit stop and forgets to start the watch sometimes – 5.9 miles – http://www.strava.com/activities/215391187, and all of those who even though they wear the Garmin/ TomTom/ GPS gizmo haven’t learned how to upload to Strava yet (YHC is NOT looking in the direction of Rock Thrill, Soft Pretzel, and others).
  • We’ll have to do Out and Back more often like the last interval.  It pushes those ahead and those behind get some incentive to catch up.
  • When we do Distance-based intervals, it’s hard to keep the PAX together.  A 1 mile interval (through a staple workout and a good barometer of fitness) over a 3 mile course is not conducive to keeping everyone together, and that’s YHC’s fault because that’s what we advertise at Swift.  We’ll make it better next time because we don’t want false advertising (kind of like learning a Monday Gear workout turned into a burpee and sprint fest with some KB sprinkled in).


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9 years ago

While the rest of you paintywaists had 1 workout this morning, I had 3; none of which included the Poople’s Chair, I might add.

But now that you mention it, what it the proper button work for today’s workout? What I was attempting to do was LAP after warmup and again at the beginning and end of each mile (the sausage-fingered STOP/START before the second mile was my downfall). This makes sense for intervals but on a tempo run throws off the overall average pace (assuming LAP after 1 mile warm up).

Agree on the last out and back interval. 2.0 did a drill at XC practice where they went off every 10 sec in pairs, slowest to fastest. Big push from hunting and being hunted.

Mr. Bean
9 years ago

Tiger rocks and a small disclaimer Mr. Bean is shoe Q for Bagpipe and The Henge

Stump Hugger
9 years ago

Mr. Bean – I thought I heard you say you were the “shoe Q site Cobbler”

Mr. Bean
9 years ago

I will give you a swift kick in the Cobblers Stumpy

Stump Hugger
9 years ago

I am not too worried after seeing this:


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