Return of the Wooly Vest

  • When:11/3/2014
  • QIC: Alf
  • The PAX: Coal Miner's Daughter (Respect), Young Love, Prohibition, Uncle Leo, Cheese Curd, Back Office, Franks (FNG), Horsehead, O'Tannenbaum, Joker, Floor Slapper, and Alf (Q)

Return of the Wooly Vest

Jedi vest

While I wish the F3 Nation site would let me crawl this back blast at an angle moving off into deep space just like Star Wars.  It won’t.  So you’ll have to just imagine it happening.

Joker has returned to his home planet of The Matrix in an attempt to rescue his fellow PAX from the clutches of the vile Q: Alf the Hutt. Little does Joker know that the GALACTIC EMPIRE has secretly begun construction on a new armored space station even more powerful than the first dreaded AO. When completed, this ultimate weapon will spell certain doom for the small band of PAX struggling to remain warm in the galaxy…


Alf the Hutt takes the PAX on an extra long mosey around the perimeter of the planet Hoth to warm up the bodies.  It’s a balmy 30 degrees.


SSH x 20 IC

IW x 20 IC

Low Slow Squat x 20 IC

Mountain Climbers x 10 IC

Merkins x 11 IC

Mountain Climbers x 10 IC

Merkins x 9 IC

Partner up.

Mosey to end of field, each pair searches through the Degobah System for a block and lines up on end line.

Round 1:  P1 Runs to 2nd lamp post and back, P2 Overhead press with block, flapjack to 100 reps of presses.

Round 2:  Repeat with block bench press x 100

Round 3:  Repeat with goblet squats x 100

Round 4:  Repeat with lunges x 100 (Runner runs to 2nd post, then backwards to first post, the turn and go forward to finish.

Round 5:  Repeat with Flutters x 100 – Regular run

Round 6:  Repeat with LBC’s x 100

Round 7:  Repeat with curls x 100, Partner bear crawls to 1st post and back

Round 8:  Repeat with triceps extensions x 100, Partner bear crawls

Round 9:  P1 Run, P2 10-count rest, flap jack then repeat for 2 runs each.  All you got.

Return the blocks to the Degobah swamp.  First attempt to do so with Jedi mind trick fails, so we carry them.

Line up jail break to cars (with the first half as backward run)

Circle up for one minute of Dolly ~ 26 IC


Welcome to November and the first morning in a long time with sub-freezing temperatures.   There was strength in this group.  Lots of running.  Little rest there was.  Also little light causing the curb to jump up and hit ‘Curd even after it was announced it was there.  He recovered in time for the disclaimer.

Welcome FNG Franks (Ben).  Nice EH by Back Office who after 2 weeks gets a guy to show up on a 30 degree Monday.

Thanks to Young Love for the send off.

-Alf the Hurt


  • Godspeed to Coal Miner’s Daughter.  Will be out for a few weeks for a surgery.  Can’t wait to get you back out there in Dec/Jan.
  • Joker on Q for the 2 Year Matrix Anniversary.  He promises it will be an epic explosion of awesomeness.  Followed by 3 rounds of pull ups, merkins, and dips on the picnic table bench.
  • Keep brining the shoes out for #SoleRedemption
  • Christmas Party on 12/6.  Watch for Pre-Blast
  • Probably other stuff but its late in the day and this has to get out.
  • Oh – I googled most of the Star Wars stuff in case you were concerned I knew some of that detail. But thanks to Joker for the inspiration.


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9 years ago

you googled “most” of the Star Wars stuff. Sure you did!

The wooly vest is showing its age a bit, but so am I. #keepthecorewarm.

Cheese Curd
9 years ago

So I posted 2 weeks at Matrix and I feel like I was able to reconnect to my roots. I won’t be able to attend the 2 year anniversary, but it’s been good to get back, even if I roll in at 0529.

As for falling, today I was upright. The Matrix was the site of one of my epic duck and rolls, but that poor soul that hit the pavement was not me. I believe horse head almost took the closed gate to the chest. Well done to stop before impact!

As for Coal Miners Daughter..i had a chance to speak to a doctor about your “procedure”. Damn dude, you needed more words of encouragement then I provided. If you need anything while your down and out, please call me. Even afterwards, I know your gonna need support mentally…again, here for you! or 704-287-4022.

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