• When:11/01/2014
  • QIC: Gummy
  • The PAX: Hops, Flutie Flakes, Cheese Curd, Mall Cop, Tootie, Flipper, Jamboree, Runstopper, Gummy (QIC)


On a cold, rainy morning, 9 men gathered at The Rock. I made up the workout as I went, so this may not actually be what we did. But it went something like this.

Jog briskly to the covered sidewalk near the fake grassy knoll.
Line up (a circle would’ve left us exposed to the elements).
SSH, IW, Slow Squat, Mountain Climber all x 20
Jog briskly to the back entrance – you know, the one with the giant hill

Triple Nickels – run to the bottom of the hill, 5 jump squats, back to the top, 5 burpees. Repeat five times total.

Walk slowly to the bottom of the hill. Suicides using the cracks in the median. Finish at the top.

Jog less briskly than before to the rock pile. Select a rock that you are not embarrassed to be seen with. Partner up.
Partner 1 runs to the light pole (100 yards) while partner 2 does the exercise with the rock. Flapjack. Repeat with various exercises. Curls, overhead presses, Tricep extensions, squats.
Partner 1 grabs a large rock and runs toward the second light pole (200 yards). Partner 2 does 7 merkins and then gives chase. Flapjack until back at the rock pile. Return your rock to its home.

Jog slowly to the pavilion. Recover a bit with some People’s Chair. AYG to the picnic tables (5 yards).

Here and There – 15 merkins there (another light pole), 5 merkins here. 10 there, 10 here, 5 there, 15 here.

Select a picnic table. Derkins x 10, Jump ups x 20, Dips x 30
Mary – LBC, Flutter
Repeat with Derkins x 10, Jump ups x 15, Dips x 20
Mary – Dolly, Russian Twist

Walk to the soccer fields. Line up on one side. Divide into two groups.
Group 1 sprints to trash can (20 yards) and back. Group 2 does the same when last of group 1 finishes. Repeat 4 times total.
Repeat 3 times to second trash can (40 yards), first big soccer goal (100 yards), second big soccer goal (200 yards).

Walk back up to the driveway. Lunge walk 50 yards. AGY down one aisle and back to cars – 150 yards.

Seriously? It was 55 and dry a couple of days ago in the morning. Not so much today. I was surprised to see 9 men at go time this morning. I knew Hops was coming, but I thought he and I could go get some coffee when nobody else showed up. It ended up being a good workout. We covered 3.4 miles according to my watch. Not bad for staying on campus.
Great work by the group this morning. Hops led the group in all exercises not involving burpees (Runstopper). I spent the whole morning just behind Jamboree. I think he was messing with me.

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9 years ago

I really am glad I posted, but the wind and rain smacking us in the face on the hill at entrance 4 was brutal. Good impromptu Q Gummy. Lots of running including hill work plus a good bit of upper body, too. I don’t think MallCop was too happy with me when I told him five minutes into the workout that I had an extra pair of gloves in the car

Flutie Flakes
9 years ago

Great Q Gummy. Those last sprints on the soccer field were a killer. Caught Flipper once but could not back it up. There was no catching Hops. Good mileage mixed with upper body. When Runstopper wears tights, you know it’s cold.

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