As the World Turn(pike)s

  • When:11/1/2014
  • QIC: Turnpike (VQ) and Horsehead
  • The PAX: Hairband, The Late Show, Glass Joe, EE, Countertop, Steak-Umm (FNG Outland), Horsehead, Turnpike, Boondock (2.0)

As the World Turn(pike)s

1st half by Turnpike (VQ)

What a great day for my first Q!  Let’s just say we had some downRAINment start us off this morning before the Turnpike downPAINment.  It’s almost that time to start but where is Hairband!  He wouldn’t miss my first Q would he.  Well it appears that may happen.  Guys let’s pick up a kettle bell and start the mosey!

The Thang:

Each PAX grab and kettle bell and mosey following me!  We mosey behind the school past the school buses and time to drop off the kettle bells on the grass.

Hairband sighting!  Just in time for COP!  Likely for him and the rest of the PAX we didn’t get penalized for him being late and that’s on me.  Plus I knew he wouldn’t be a big fan of my workout anyway with the amount of running he was about to endure!


SSH – 15
Imperial Walkers – 15
Low Slow Squat – 15

Let’s mosey over to the playground and plank it up until we are all there.

Since I am sure the PAX enjoyed trick or treating with the family on Halloween and probably at a few too many pieces of candy.  I felt it was my duty to help work it off.

Partner up.

Lap 1

Partner 1 run a lap around the track
Partner 2 LBC’s
Swap plank when complete.

Lap 2

Partner 1 run a lap
Partner 2 The Dolly
Swap.  No more planking on to lap 3 as soon as complete!

Lap 3

Partner 1 run a lap
Partner 2 Freddy Mercury

Final Lap
Partner 1 run a lap
Partner 2 the flutter
Swap plank when done.

Time for a little catch me if you can one lap.  Partner 1 starts off running while partner 2 does 10 mirkins once caught switch it up for one lap.  Mosey over the the wall!  People chair with arm raises for 1 minute.  Recover.  Wall again this time 6 inches with arm raises 30 seconds.  Recover!  It was an honor Q’ing for the first time thanks for the support hope everyone enjoyed the beat down.


2nd half by Horsehead

10 Burpees OYO ==> run to middle school ==> 10 Burpees OYO

Kettlebell bus suicides, ala Skunkworks .  Sprints were approx 100 yds.  2 sets each w/ partners.

  • Swings
  • Goblet Squats
  • High Pulls
  • Two Handed Overhead Press

Mosey to middle school to take some cover for some Mary.

  • Flutters
  • Dollys
  • LBCs
  • Makhtar N’Daiye (almost Q fail)
  • Protractor to finish it off

Always fun to help with a first Q.  Turnpike did a great job in keeping the workout simple and straightforward, but not too easy.  No bear crawl weaves or throwing rocks behind your head business, just running and exercise.

The kettlebells were tough, as I hadn’t used one in a couple of months since I hurt my shoulder.   We did a 30 min KB pre workout to test things out and I was planning to abort mission if any pieces of my body flew apart during such.  No explosions, so I continued on.  I suppose this is a bit like Marcel Ledbetter and the watermelon eating competition of Jerry Clower comedic lore.  As the story goes, when challenged to eat a humongous watermelon at a town competition, Marcel disappeared for a while, only to return and eat the entire watermelon and win the prize.  When asked where he went, he replied that he had a similarly sized watermelon at home and he figured if he could eat that one, then he could eat this one too.  This is how my mind works folks.  #onanotherlevel

Stories abound of a Late Show and Hairband private workout on Friday with Richard Simmons attire.  We may be looking for a new AO soon.  #securitycameras

Welcome Outland FNG Steak-Umm.  Strong performance today, especially with all of the running we did.

Missing Zip.  Possibly at home eating Skittles out of his belly button.  Gross.

Boondock continued to be strong, begging to post with me this morning even with the miserable rain and a 6:15 pre workout.  He was begging for the truck heater and some hot chocolate about 30 mins in, but stuck with it.

Thursday BackBlast deadline  – get you some of this.


– Horsehead and Turnpike





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Glass Joe
9 years ago

Great job guys! Loved Turn Pike’s VQ! Still trying to figure out how I was catching grief for actually running during Catch Me If You Can. Devin Hester never stopped at the 20 yard line to let guys catch up. We obviously need to run some Devin Hester’s!!!!

Glass Joe
9 years ago


Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Hate I missed your VQ Turnpike. Sounds like I would’ve hated it anyway. lol

I’ll be gone next week Qing at Ascent, so just a heads up.

REMINDER: I need to have all shoe donations in by 11/15. I think we are converging 11/15 right?

Hair Band I think I will be back at Peak 51 Thursday, so I can collect the shoes you have if you are posting there.

Reply to  Drop Thrill
9 years ago

Please bring your shoes to Peak 51, we need to increase our #SoleRedemption numbers there 🙂

Drop Thrill
Reply to  Geraldo
9 years ago

LOL Stop trying to steal our #SoleRedemption shoes Geraldo!

Hair Band
Reply to  Geraldo
9 years ago

Attention all officers near Matthews Elementary, we have an attempted shoejacking in process.

Proceed with caution, assailant has been in known altercations with skinheads on TV ending with a broken nose… Probably while trying to take their Doc Marten boots. I repeat shoejacking in process.

Hair Band
9 years ago

Solid VQ Turnpike but too much running. 🙂

Nice touch adding the KBs HH. We need to intro some the the UC Pax to an all out KB beatdown sometime.

Also, Steak-Umm is doing great 2 workouts in.

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